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Each day of the Tzolk'in (260 Day Mayan Calendar) has a Patron Spirit who influences events. Ah-K'in, the Maya shaman-priest, whose title means "Day Keeper", reads the Tzolk'in to identify the baby's character (natal chart) and the personalities and destinies associated with each of the 20 Maya Signs of the Tzolk'in calendar.

Your Mayan Astrological Sign is: Mayan Horoscope EB - one of the four year bearers
Yucatec Maya - Eb - 'step'
Quiche Maya - Eey' - 'tooth'

'the road', 'guided on the road'

Animal Association:
Mountain Lion

Color and Directional Association:
Yellow, South

Personality and Destiny:
Travelers, very organized, nice, hard working, opportunistic, and intuitive. Love 'the hunt' but also home. Protectors and pathfinders. They see into the future by thinking ahead and foreseeing the obstacles. A good, long, healthy life.

Potential Negative Traits to Avoid:
Solitary, fickle, prone to tantrums

Merchants, explorers, hunters, midwives, and researchers.

Aztec Personality Traits:
Augured a grave illness every year, which was to reach its crisis and then disappear completely. The disease was like the wild grass, which dries up every year and then grows green again. Thus the child born under this sign yearly became ill and then got well. He did not die of the illness. No other predictions were attached to this sign.

A Good Day to:

  • During an Eb year, fireworks and feasting celebrate each of the 13 Eb days
  • Consider ones future and destiny
  • Ask for protection for the crops from destruction or thievery
  • Begin a business deal
  • Ask for luck in spiritual or material pursuits

The Haab is similar to the Christian calendar & does not include a leap year. The Haab was created to be used in conjunction with the Tzolk'in. In operation together, the Haab and Tzolk'in create a larger, 52-year cycle called The Calendar Round. The patron deity of the month assumes the throne. The final five days of the Haab cycle are the 19th month, called Wayeb. These are unpredictable days, not for planning important events or traveling away from home.

You were born during the Month of: Yax - Green or First
The temples were renovated or repaired as needed. Ceremonies honoring Chaak the rain god and prayers for the maize fields were performed. In glyphs, the patron of this month is Venus.



Today is: (Tzolk'in)

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