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Today's Horoscope Summary...
...Date: 2014-04-25

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Horoscope Summary:

We've passed the biggest hurdle in the "grand cross" saga... What is happening is that Mars is backing up (retrograde) and will continue to do so until May 19th... So as it moves out of the grand cross alignment, it's likely the "global tensions" will intensify once again for a while... When it does start moving forward, it will take until approx June 15th to get back to where it currently is... But by the time that happens, Jupiter will have already moved out of the grand cross alignment too... What this all means is that the energy is slowly being released and the tensions & pressure everybody has been feeling will slowly fade away... (finally)... hehe...

Yes, there are still very powerful energy patterns in play for the next month or so... So there still is that chaotic kind of "power-play" energy at work, but personally I don't buy into the "doom & gloom" scenario that is being spread around... The way I am seeing the chart, it's far more likely that the earth will relieve the pressure through an earthquake (under water) and if I had to estimate a time-line that would be towards the middle of June... But that isn't "written in stone".

So like I said above, we've passed through the roughest part of this transit... (finally) and as the planets move forward and out of alignment, we then get flooded with insights that were revealed during this phase... New ideas that can make our own lives so much easier and better... This planetary configuration is really all about exposing weak or dangerous areas of our lives so that we can correct mistakes and build our futures upon much more solid foundations.

Thanks for stopping by... And like always...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin's soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

Horoscope for Taurus

Sometimes the wild part about having & obtaining your goals & objectives is the question that comes next... "Ok, now what do I do with this?"... Or the classic "now what do I do?"... hehe... Today's chart energy brings with it some very deep & personal emotions that are really intended to help you take a look much further down the road... This energy is all about helping you to see the "really big picture"... Fortunately, the planets are in your favor right now & trying to help!

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Current Taurus Base Energy
Today's Energy:
This is an excellent time in your personal relationships as long as the right level of "balance" is maintained... Your power of attraction is quite strong and others will be drawn to you almost magnetically. Use this time to strengthen your personal bonds to others or create new ones.
Today is: (Tzolk'in) Mayan
12 Muluc 7 Xul         ...More
Mayan Day: MULUK (Water)
A Good Day to:
  • Make up for Missed Obligations
  • Ask for Water or Rain
  • Work to stop the Suffering of Others
  • Give offerings to the Earth
  • Pay Debts & Handle Obligations

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