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This Week

Today's Horoscope Summary...
...Date: 2015-04-19

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Horoscope Summary:

Weekend Summary:

“Risk more than is required. Learn more than is normal. Be Strong. Show courage. Breathe. Excel. Love. Lead. Speak your truth. Live your values. Laugh. Cry. Innovate. Simplify. Adore mastery. Release mediocrity. Aim for genius. Stay humble. Be kinder than expected. Deliver more than is needed. Exude passion. Shatter your limits. Transcend your fears. Inspire others by your bigness. Dream big but start small. Act now. Don’t Stop. Change the world.” –Robin Sharma

Change Your world.

It’s worth repeating because it’s something we all tend to forget…Just Ask!!! To be clear, there is nary a moment for a complacent, half asleep, half wakefulness right now. Avoidance of the tendency to be on auto pilot should be avoided at all costs. This simple nugget of truth rings clear right now as we are being challenged to make the initial steps towards that yearning something…it’s about mental clarity as much as anything. Simple & pure, just knowing what we want! Easy, right?

You can’t miss the powerful line up this weekend of Uranus, Mercury and Mars today with a close Lunar and Solar energy between them…this is a power packed bunch and will work to highlight a sense of communion with others. This is when the social mode makes an important counterpoint to an enhanced mental focus….it will take both sides to really get the ball moving…it will be key to stay in the moment! The effect is a lot like magnets between people where natural congruencies or polar opposites are more easily found. A time when reflection with others reveals conclusions we could not have realized without a polar force!

The mental side of things has an interesting flavor over the weekend as it will be geared towards the sentimental…this is when a passionate response and attitude is more than likely to be favored. It’s the raw life force here that is so interesting. There is a lightness to this energy which will make it go as quickly as it comes, so if you see something you like, you’ll have to act quick.

The weekend has a bit of a dream like vibe to it that brings to mind fog... this will work to bring what is already close into sharper focus so enjoy the chaos a little bit and take the time to dream another possibility…

Forgive me, I’ll have to skip the Sun Sign report for the weekend as I am seem to have been caught in a bad way by some bad food... not that the food was bad, it was good, but it gave me food poisoning which is bad, so it’s back to chill mode for me, for now anyway (I’m not used to being sick but I'll be fine soon)! Here’s to a fabulous weekend & I’ll catch you in a few days!

Cheers, Love & Light~
∂awn exton

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You've gotta plan and organize your actions and efforts. There's a tendency to get personally scattered or overwhelmed in the details... The more you accomplish, the less you'll have to worry about and therefore ease your mind and lower the stress and strain making you feel much better.
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