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This Week

Today's Horoscope Summary...
...Date: 2014-10-25

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Horoscope Summary:

“So often we forget that our lives are really nothing more than the events we have experienced, that have been painted onto a canvas called life.” –Daniel Dowd

If you are fortunate enough to have ears, now is the time to listen. It’s a sobering thought to think of all the things that are missed by those who cannot hear- luckily for most of us, this isn’t the case, and our current chart energy screams of the ability to listen up (this will be tied in to an usual degree of reading as well- so follow up on those pages too!). There’s no telling what (or how many!) messages are trying to make their way to us right now…

While the energy of late has been super tied into relationship aspects, it’s even more so right now as the basis for this energy has expanded to include even the strangest of strangers. This is when eavesdropping can shoot information direct to the cortex like a loaded gun…I’m not saying that we should all go snooping around in other people’s business- just that when our ears are peeled we are very likely to happen upon meaning in the most obscure ways...

There’s a lot of intensity to this energy that has been building up and is likely to be revealed in areas where we are drawn to expose the self (or forced to)…there is a bit of a “show-off” attitude that goes along with this, but when done right- (with taste and not just to grab attention, which others will no doubt sense) this is when others will be attracted to us and new worlds unfold beneath our feet (just when you thought “I’ve been here before…).

Probably one of the more interesting parts of this energy is the tension that can be felt that reveals itself in what was Not said or Not done…there’s a need to be a little bit bold right now and just go for it… you can never undo and undoing.

There’s also a vibe of “starting over” that goes along with all of this, it’s when we notice that the past hasn’t conformed to our ideals and we must give ourselves a New chance to try again. Simply realizing that the next moment never has to be like the last… The refreshment that comes with a renewing vibe can be the most liberating and energy inducing element at play!

More details tomorrow in the weekend summary so stay tuned in & turned on!

~∂awn exton @gmail.com

Horoscope for Taurus

The intensity of this energy is likely to show up in areas related to planning ahead and long distance relations- this is especially tre when communicating with others, it’s time to make that call and catch up! Just connecting with others right now will renew your spirit.

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Current Taurus Base Energy
Today's Energy:
You're in a very romantic and creative time and there's likely to be a lot of personal attention being directed at you. You must make sure you handle your responsibilities and obligations before you "go play"... An excellent time and is considered "quite lucky".
Today is: (Tzolk'in)

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