Your Firdaria Chart...


This ancient charting system breaks up a person's life into specific sections or chapters that are each ruled by one of the seven traditional planets. The nature of the planet and its condition in a person's natal chart determines how well the period will go for the native when that planet becomes activated at various points in their life.

These ancient methods of astrology used these time-lord systems first in any delineation because they give a very accurate view of broad spans of time, they let you know which planets will be activated during certain periods in your life, for better or worse.

Transits are then used as the very last line in predictive work in order to act as triggers, or as more precise timing indicators. This is very different than the modern approach to prediction which usually employs transits/progressions/arcs as the initial and primary means of forecasting.

Ok, Enough astro-babble... Below you'll find the current 'cycle' you are experiencing in your life. You can click the "show all" link (or whatever I called it hehe) to see all the different cycles from the time of your birth... Even with a quick read, you'll see how accurate & on target these ancient cycles are.

Please bear in mind, this is a work in progress... If enough of you have interest in it, I'll take it further... If not, it's still way cool on it's own.
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This section contains more in-depth information about astrological techniques and methods!