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Moon Signs

Moon Signs with Descriptions

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Moon Signs are extremely important in Astrology... They are the key to the emotional nature of the person, place or object we are charting for... Many feel that the Moon may be the most important "planet" in a horoscope (especially for women)... In addition to feelings, emotions and perceptions, the moon is also very good indicator of the overall financial conditions of a horoscope.

The Moon in Aries is in a domicile (of Mars) that is not congruent to her nature. It is a situation of fuel added to fire. Key word is Desire. It can be both destructive and constructive; always dynamic. For a person with this configuration matter generally triumphs over spirit. There is constantly recurring stimuli for action and change. Executive ability, persistence, impulse, aggressiveness, originality and independence of thought and action, restlessness, quick temper, and impatience are some of the characteristics of this positioning. While very enterprising, in the long run these persons must learn to control their impulses, for a combination of excessive confidence, tendency to overreach, and insufficient forethought can trigger their downfall. There is also the likelihood of nervous exhaustion here. In a woman with this placement jealousy, in a man quick temper, are characteristic. They generally possess excellent and very quick minds but intensely dislike detail. In Desire department these persons are more flirtatious, adventurous, intrigue-seeking, and quest-oriented than they are with the actual physical fulfillment. Although generous and loyal, these persons do not make ideal partners or spouses, for in time they emphasize their own self-interest. This is not considered to be a favorable position for the Moon; less so for a woman.

The MOON in TAURUS:(Exalted):

The Moon in Taurus may be even a better placement for the Moon than in Cancer, its natural domicile. Key word is Determination. Here the Moon is said to be magnetic, fixed, and powerful for good or evil. Patience, stubbornness, and great fixity of purpose are the characteristics. The lunar motivation in Taurus is struggle and eventual mastery. Here she displays the discrimination of Virgo and patient ambition of Capricorn, without the destructive criticism of the former and cold and morbid procrastination of the latter. The foolhardiness and juvenile enthusiasm of Aries is now replaced with laborious determination. The Moon in Taurus is impregnated with the Venusian vibration. There are astrologers who suggest that it is really the Earth-spirit that rules Taurus, not Venus. It is an intensely materialistic positioning for the Moon, inclining the Natives to extreme obstinacy, self-will, tenacity of purpose, and to love of ease and luxury and the consequent gratification of physical appetites. This is perhaps the most sensuous placement for the Moon. It enhances powers of memory, impressions are retained. They seldom change their minds. Once they decide on a course, they will stick to it come what may. And once they have formulated a purpose, they will persist in their original intention, no matter how wrong they may have proven to be. They will resent any intrusion, however well-meaning, in their affairs. Conventionality and conservatism are inherent in their nature. Seldom too can they shake off the fundamentals of family tradition, training, and ideals. Instead, they persist on the beaten track of early upbringing. The amorous disposition is generally concealed. It is slow to be aroused. However, especially in women, once it is aroused, it is difficult to extinguish. They are also lovers of good food; the real Hedonists of the Zodiac.

Although there is likelihood of material and financial success in this positioning, there is also the likelihood of severe struggles in these areas--though said to be less so for women. Women with the Moon in Taurus often attract men of settled mind and occupation. There will often be a strong romance in their love affairs. However, in time they will strive to master any situation. They will never relinquish their hopes and ambitions. There is an obstreperous temper which, if allowed, will wreck life and fortunes. They should not be argued with, rather guided through silent pressure. Their intuition is well developed, as is also the judgement. The Natives incline to friendships of quality. Major problems may come about due to their own intransigent disposition. They can magnify their problems out of all proportion. Both sexes will thrive better in the country. Occupations dealing with real estate, property, art, design, jewelry, and business and finance are favorable.


The Moon in Gemini is considered to be weak. Key word is Duality. The mind is practical, seeking, and ambitious. It craves recognition. It is generally a task-oriented rather than an intellectual mind. Although the mind may be brilliant, it is generally superficial and emphasizes talent. The Moon in Gemini is not considered to be a favorable position. Unless there are favorable aspects to and from Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune, this positioning diminishes sensual enjoyment; the senses are more purveyors of information. Passion too is diminished. People with the Moon in Gemini may be very acute in their mental processes, quick to receive impressions and forming judgments, but there is seldom depth in the reasoning process. They can change their minds and their views on the spur of the moment. They can be also critical of others. Their primary interest is in mental stimulus, generally for its own sake, for they can become bored rapidly. Unless strongly balanced elsewhere, people of both sexes with the Moon in Gemini are generally frivolous, light-headed, inconstant, and somewhat shallow. Both sexes may chose their partners for their ability to entertain and interest them rather than for any substantive domestic purpose. (And both sexes may be flirtatious.) There may be frequent inward loneliness, disappointments, and mental stress. Success may come through associates. For an investor, accountant, journalist, research worker, traveling salesmen, librarian, or dancer this position of the Moon is favorable.

The MOON in CANCER:(Dignity):

The Moon is in her own royalty in Cancer. Key word is Solicitude. One should be aware that although Cancer is the Moon's natural domicile, this is because the characteristics of the two coincide. The Moon is really not as strongly or purposefully placed here as in Leo, Aquarius, or Taurus. Emotions are potent, perceptions and imagination very keen. the Native may be inhibited and frequently escape in his\her imaginary world in which there is safety. The mind is very impressionable and meditative. Memory is excellent. (This is also an ideal placement for an astrologer.) The Native seldom seeks external stimulation. Fond of home and parents, he/she is quiet, placid, peaceful, gentle, affectionate, and romantic. Yet he/she can be agitated and restless, and although lacking in ambition on the surface, in a quiet way seek and often reach a position of power. There may be cycles of amazing energy flow and activity. Unpleasant news and activity is generally avoided. The mood has the capability to fluctuate through its full range within an hour. The natives may be difficult to get along with. They abhor criticism. Although they can be giving and generous, there is usually a string attached. It is not the free generosity of the Moon in Leo. This may be due to an undercurrent of selfishness in these natives. Nevertheless, their loyalty, devotion, and motherly nurturing is unmatched. Women with the Moon in Cancer are said to make ideal spouses and mothers. They are still capable of occasional intrigue. Many of the natives may delay marriage, perhaps because they are late bloomers. They make excellent artists, musicians, and poets. Albeit, this positioning is considered to be a difficult one, especially in a man.

The MOON in LEO:

Many of the natural characteristics of the Moon are absorbed and nullified when she is in Leo, the natural domicile of the Sun. Key word is Pride. Here the Moon is filled with the pride of life, in origin noble and replete with dignity. It manifests as warm generosity, courage, and utter fearlessness that compels devotion, admiration, and respect. These people may be if anything too generous, magnanimous, and easily impressed upon, for they are actuated by idealism, less by sober judgement. They may sacrifice everything in the cause of righteousness and justice, evolved types portraying great power of will and enormous determination. They appear lordly in bearing, may be authoritative, yet very understanding. They will not stoop to unworthy means to accomplish their ends. Leo strengthens the mentality and the positive forces of the mind. It is fiery, magnetic, commanding, daring, generous, lavish, rich in affection, fond of ceremony, pomp, and display. Leo is spirit in manifestation, of character formation. It is said that Leo and Aquarius are two of the best positions for the Moon, Taurus and Cancer next. Usually conservative and discriminating, they possess a deep and consistent love nature, and once their love is aroused, they will respond with unstinted measure. However, they are also slow to withdraw their affection, and bear a grudge if their love is abused. There is an innate destructive force in Leo, partly manifested as a smoldering temper and they may be the most prone to jealousy, followed by Taurus and Scorpio. If they are abused, they will get even, sometimes in desperate measures, but unlike Scorpio they will do so in the open. These natives have an innate ability to make others dependent on them. It is difficult to dominate or subjugate them--especially at about 28 deg of Leo associated with the fixed star Regulus, said to be prominent in the charts of great rulers and generals. They like to exercise authority and dominate others, but never underhandedly. They cannot be convinced against their will, nor be swayed against their emotions.

These natives usually make fine persons, however they must first learn to rule themselves. Timing and subtlety are very important in contesting issues with them. The Moon in Leo also strengthens the influence of the Sun, no matter in which sign it is located, but especially in Aries and Sagittarius; also when Cancer is rising and the Moon falls in 1st or 2nd house. People born with the Moon in Leo are almost fanatical about their freedom. They can be assertive and take advantage of opportunities. There is also the capacity for self-sacrifice. Their mentality is robust, strong, and decisive. It cannot be dominated even by their loved ones. Their attitude to life is a determined one, few limitations are recognized or acceded to. Although their health is robust in general, the heart is the weak link. The natives do have the capacity to work very hard. However, they do better on their own than working for others, though they are effective in positions of trust and authority. To wantonly tie them down is a waste of energy and resources, as also placing arbitrary limitations on them, or to order them. They must be courteously asked and subtly guided. They will show decorum; are courteous to their superiors and others. Lunar Leo is not the rough-and-ready sort that an Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius lunar can be. They are the ritualists with dignity. Male natives may display pomp, arrogance, and conceit. Their egocentricity may make them gullible; their colossal vanity is at the root of their misfortunes. Sometimes they fuss over trifling details. They are likely to be very popular with women. The woman they marry is likely to be noble and pure-hearted, a saving influence in their lives. For a woman this positioning may be a little less desirable, for being strong-minded and determined, she may choose a weak male whom she can dominate at will. She should curb her dictatorial attitudes. However she can be a fond mother and faithful spouse. If hurt or humiliated, she can remain vulnerable a long time. Sun/Moon/Saturn Conjunct is said to be the heaviest of karmic debts.


The Moon in Virgo is mind unimpeded by passion and flesh. Key word is Criticism. It is in Virgo alone (not Gemini) in which the mental offices of the Moon and Mercury join forces. Steadiness is allied to practicality and a pragmatic attitude to life. There is heightened perception of the essence of things; substitution of reasoned attitudes for the feeling of the moment. The urge to be critical is so practical as to divest even academic allurement. With this lunar position there is no indecision or confusion of the mind. These people are not necessarily all intellectuals or scholars. Rather, they are the rationalizers of the zodiac. They stand on the solid ground of reasonable perception, not in contradictions inherent in wishful thinking and emotional interpretations. Fastidious to a degree in their tastes, person, and surroundings, they can develop this to a mania. It is difficult to be around them, let alone to live with them: they are, among others, the Back-Seat Drivers of the zodiac. The Moon in Virgo may influence her native even stronger than the Sun in Virgo. These persons are fussy and entertain strong prejudices about everything. It would seem that to some of them a day is lost if they cannot uproot someone's pet illusion and to analyze it out of existence. They are also the hypochondriacs of the zodiac. They seem to be constantly worried about sanitation and/or some sort of ailment. The Moon in Virgo bespeaks a kindly, humane disposition, domesticity, melancholia, and superficiality in matters of the heart. The truly evolved ones live largely to serve humanity without much thought of self. There is great mental receptivity, ability, and a high order memory. While generally introspective, they are ingenious and their wit is allied to versatility. Manual dexterity is not uncommon. They love methods and are methodical in almost everything they do. Skeptical and self-centered, they can be ulterior in motive, at times scheming. They fear poverty about as much as they do illness.

The women among them frequently take nursing, dietetics, teaching, and secretarial work as careers. Both sexes are self-contained and talented in a uni- directional way in something. There is natural fondness for travel and change along with a rare aptitude for research, statistics, and numbers. Though reserved, they may make many friends, particularly among unusual people. The Moon here frequently brings sorrow through marriage. Women with this lunar position are considered to be cold blooded and overly ambitious. Their clear vision and calculatingly clever ways would not suit most men. So they are not considered the ideal romantic partners. They are naturally inclined to other clever people and intellectual men. Men in this sign are not sentimental. They do make good businessmen, faithful husbands, and good fathers. Occupations in accounting, bookkeeping, banking, or as literary critics, librarians, inventors, real estate operations, chemists, and druggists are ideal for them. Both sexes may be religiously inclined; like reading books, and prefer the delights of solitude.


The Moon in Libra is one of the best positions in the zodiac, although it entails some notable drawbacks too. Key word is Decision. Lunar vibrations here is exerted to the apportionment of equilibrium and justice; meritorious reward and punishment; subsequent harmony and peace. The Moon in Libra accentuates turning points in destiny: decisions which have to be balanced in relation to acts and ultimate destiny. As a result, these persons will find their energy taxed severely by the necessity of making decisions of more or less far-reaching consequences to themselves and others. The well evolved types, who are rare, are largely self-contained individuals with well-balanced mind and emotions without any extremes of enthusiasm or feeling. The Moon in Libra enhances the aesthetic perception, the beautiful and harmonious in art and in life. Afflictions by Saturn to the Moon and Venus here can bestow cold judgement, cruel deliberation, and remorseless action. Procrastination and indecision are very common in this placement. In the case of the less evolved types, the native may be unstable, hasty, inconsiderate, reckless, restive, unreliable, destructively inclined, and deferring. The Libra Moon cannot be said to confer any notable character or backbone. Instead, it manifests in terms of grandiose schemes and magnificent ideas which have a tendency to expire still-born. Yet in the more evolved types it bestows solidarity and cooperation, particularly where ambitious projects are involved. The less developed persons here may demonstrate extreme jealousy coupled with selfishness and moral error on the emotional plane. Egotism, melancholy, and inferiority complex are not uncommon. These may indeed age these natives prematurely, for they frequently sulk over fancied injuries. They have a peculiar ability to sway and persuade others for their ultimate betterment or hurt, particularly if the Moon is in the 1st Decan. Those with the Moon in the 2nd Decan may well be eccentric. The 3rd Decan is referred to as the 'Decanate of Expiation'.

If the Moon here is very favorably aspected, then some of the adversity is mellowed. A person with such a placement is endowed with tact and talent as a diplomat, though they can be capable double-dealers too. The Moon in Libra does have the tendency to social interaction (they are terrible loners); they go to some lengths to win a pat on the back. While both sexes may be romantically amorous, they are notoriously fickle and wavering in romance. They are also easily thrown off balance emotionally, given to secretiveness in matters of the heart. They seldom take others into their confidence in their more personal concerns. They have an unusual attraction for people with the Sun or Moon in Pisces-- Venus is exalted in Pisces, in dignity in Libra. The men are not said to be good judges of the type of women they marry. Though the latter may be delicate and refined at first, it is said that they become nagging wives later. Women with this placement are more idealistic than domestic. They may be artistically inclined in some way. Both sexes are generally popular socially and make friends easily. Neither sex is necessarily an ideal spouse and there may be a tendency to occasional promiscuity. Although they are financially motivated, they can be reckless, careless, and/or squandering. They are born speculators who frequently build castles on insecure foundations. These persons do well in the legal profession, finance, diplomacy, promotions, and as art and jewelry salespersons. People with strong Libra presence in their charts are said to be frequently the cause of their own troubles.

The MOON in SCORPIO:(Fall Position):

Unlike the Sun in Scorpio, which is said to be more fortunate than not, all things considered, the Moon in Scorpio is a different matter. Key word is Ulterior Motivation. Here the Moon can be malicious, as also somewhat vulgar, brutal, and treacherous, especially if she is also afflicted by Mars and/or Saturn. A Native with this lunar position views life from a 'no sex is no soul' perspective. The extremism of Scorpio also manifests in this dimension. As in the case of the Sun in Scorpio, the least evolved native is the Scorpio-Scorpio who can be an ideal study of everything adverse associated with this placement. The Serpent-Scorpio is very intelligent, has a cold and calculating mentality, and given to plotting and deception, yet is relatively harmless unless provoked. At the highest level is the Eagle-Scorpio. This native is motivated by spiritual considerations alone. Eagle Scorpios may be born as such. More frequently they evolve after going through the trials and tribulations of life. There is nothing wishy-washy about the person with the Moon in Scorpio. For good or evil, he/she has a character and presence. In the domain of Pluto, the Moon here bestows intelligence, sometimes a great dosage of it. And because it is the domain of Pluto, this placement offers potentially the highest form of spiritual attainment, of death and rebirth; of regeneration... The great astronomer-poet Naishapur said, in context to free will: 'If I were free to use my will, if I were free from the cares of good and evil in this worthless world, how willingly would never choose to have come here, never to depart hence.' A native here must have similar thoughts frequently, for he/she is likely to endure fully the temptations and the trials and tribulations of life. There is nothing subtle in this native. He/she is strong, urgent, and forceful.

The less evolved natives may demonstrate considerable meanness, double-dealing, and sadistic tendencies. The highly evolved ones, in turn, strive to attain ultimate spiritual fulfillment through a sublimation of the physical passions as the result of self-abnegation and personal sacrifice. These persons can become superb occultists and astrologers. Few non-natives are able to fully appreciate the frozen-water character of these persons. Utterly tenacious and immovable, they are sensual, emotional, materialistic, and secretive. They will not be imposed upon or taken advantage of for long. Though quick tempered, they can sacrifice much in return for kindness. In general, others must take the initiative to establish a relationship with them. Their mind is very acute, and being a fixed sign, they are not taken off their chosen course of action. Ideas soon become convictions. Unlike the ponderous Moon in Taurus, however, there is no hesitation here to put ideas into action. The native will frequently withdraw and brood, to listen to the 'still, small voice of conscience.' And, as with the Moon in Pisces, they are never left without guidance from beyond. The Moon in the 1st Decan accentuates courage, sex, and action on the physical plane. It is Resourceful. In the 2nd, ambition, achievement, and purpose become strong, the mind serious and studious. Responsibility is the key word here. The 3rd is the Decanate of Attainment. The Moon in Scorpio is said to be better for men than for women. In either case, marital infidelity and generally a messy emotional life is very likely. The unmarried women here live life under a Hetaira complex: many men, but few leaving a lasting impression. The lives of the natives will be full of major changes. While the natives are dogmatic, suspicious, and very jealous, they also possess great powers of self-control and endurance. They remain deep and mysterious throughout life. It is said that for most people this may be the least desireable position for the Moon.

All natives should guard against destructiveness and tyranny. They should refrain from brooding over the past, and harbor no grudges nor animosity. This position favors occupations in medicine, surgery, chemistry, investigative work, and the military life.


One of the most notable characteristics of this lunar position is Risk-taking in just about everything. Key word is Enthusiasm in the domain of Jupiter. On the physical plane, the natives are conscious of their bodies and strive to perfect it. To them mind and spirit is seemingly connected to the body. (This is not the case if the Moon is afflicted by Saturn, in which case the emphasis is on the mind alone.) All natives with this placement are eternal students with an urge to higher education. They are naturally curious and interested and enthusiastic about all learning including life's experiences. Sagittarius is naturally the sign of astrology and prophecy. Thus these natives are uncanny about separating clutter from substance and hitting the mark. There is an almost inexhaustible energy in them. It is a constant state of restlessly seeking after ideals too complex for actual realization. There is a raciness to these people's ideas and activities. Physically and mentally they are actively philosophical. They prefer to succeed in professional rather than commercial fields, preferably on their own. They do not like bosses over them. They exhibit a brilliant mind that is also original, far-seeing, sharp, analytical, interpretive, and iconoclastic. Their inspirational and intuitive faculties are keen, their judgement poised. The perceptive faculties are acute and capable of lucid conception and mental image of even very abstract thoughts. This may be the most intelligent of all the signs for the Sun, Ascendant, or the Moon. Their temperament is dynamic, impulsive, magnetic, and forceful. Always idealistic, they may be fickle and unreliable in matters they consider as quasi-important. They are often blunt and outspoken; their observations and conclusions frequently hitting the mark. They think that their sincerity gives them every right to be blunt. They hate anything hidden or secret. So they talk as freely about their own affairs as they do about other people's. Their temper is such that they can blow a fuse over trifles and incidental details.

The Moon in Sagittarius bespeaks over-activity. These natives usually have several pots cooking at the same time, even though they do like to finish the projects they initiate. This may give rise to superficiality from time to time. Patience may be the most difficult quality for this native to master. Indeed, their impatience is as proverbial as their lack of domesticity. They are also confirmed letter writers. (Writing may be one of their utmost talents.) Ideas come to the native too fast for utterance and enunciation. Born reformers, they reform all else but seldom themselves. There is much travel in this placement as also much change and variety. Confirmed bohemians, where they may happen to hang their hat is home as far as they are concerned. They are the natural linguists of the zodiac. The key word of the 1st Decan is Devotion. The natives are highly evolved. Key word of the 2nd is Exploration. These are the true itchy-feet Sagittarians who are impulsive without giving forethought to impulses. These may be the least domesticated in the zodiac. They may also suffer an impediment in speech. Key word of the 3rd is Illumination. The natives in this sector possess pronounced intellectual capabilities emphasizing the abstract thought and writing. However, they do possess baneful qualities, such as jealousy and irritability. It is said of them that they readily incur the hostility of others and may be subject to bodily harm. The Sagittarian breadth of vision is remarkable. They can take in almost all situations at a glance and do like clutter polluting the substance of issues before them. They are the poorest listeners and greatest talkers of the zodiac. Aside from lunar Aquarians they may be the most impersonal of all the lunar natives. Being consummate actors, some of the passions they portray may be totally false. They are difficult to comprehend until one realizes that there is a great deal of child in them. However, this is one of the most intellectualizing placements in the zodiac.

If these people can stay put at one place long enough, they may become a great writer (eg, Hugo, Balzac, Charles Dickens...). In matters of passion, they enjoy the chase more than the conquest. Indeed the Sun, Ascendant, and Moon in Sagittarius (men) may be the womanizers of the zodiac. The women attracted to them may be the higher type: refined, somewhat ethereal, yet passionate within. In turn, a woman with this placement portrays more the masculine viewpoint. Both sexes are capable of the true platonic love generally reserved for the lunar Aquarian.

The MOON in CAPRICORN:(Detriment Position):

Along with the Moon in Libra and Scorpio this is one of the least desirable positions for the Moon. Key word is Management. In this, sign of the Exaltation of Mars, cold and emotionless sheath she is ill at ease indeed. The chief characteristics are lack of any sympathy, innate selfishness, executive determination, and self-preoccupation. The brooding and resentful nature of Capricorn is intensified. She is, at least in appearance, harsh, commercial minded, obstinate, and utilitarian. Capricorn is reputedly the most ancient of the signs. Sun-in-Virgo-Moon-in-Capricorn is said to be the most practical of all Soli-Lunar combinations. The self-willed ways of the natives also manifest in sexual expression, making a woman nagging and a man cruel. There is much dignity and not a little austerity in this positioning of the Moon. The natives display reverence and concentration of mind. Impulse is also a prominent trait, though it is wedded to excessive caution coupled to a melancholy cast of mind and something of a morbid disposition generally. There is too, a sort of divine discontent. Other than Mercury, Mars, and Saturn no planet is really at home in Capricorn. One of the most sinister astrological configurations would place the Moon in Capricorn, Saturn in Scorpio in Opposition to Mars in Taurus and both Squared by Neptune from Leo or Aquarius. While not very sympathetic, the mind of the native is generally very keen, acute, active, far-seeing, and given to plotting and scheming. There is the tendency to pursue questionable transactions. The temperament is ruggedly individualistic. The mental response is rapid, all-comprehensive, though somewhat antagonistic. There is a tendency to mania and joint obsession and depression. It may even manifest as sullen brooding and mental delusions. History is replete with people with the Moon in Capricorn, some madman, others geniuses, most powerful figures with a sense self-appointed purpose and mission: Cicero, Mary, Queen of Scots, Napoleon, Bismarck, Edison...

This position favors, indeed craves, power. This is assisted by a stubborn determination, the urge to reform, self-righteousness, and insuperable ambition. However, the Moon in Capricorn also foreshadows defeated ambitions and dreams, misfortunes at the hands of women, merited enemies, domestic upheavals, occupational and financial troubles, credit difficulties, and all sorts of other misfortunes. That is, an afflicted Moon here can be punishing. These persons generally can wait a long time without being discouraged. They grow restless in the employ of others. In personal relationships, they are generally cold, self-centered, and habitually careless of other people's foibles. They are also too preoccupied and unsocial to attract many friends. The Moon here also bestows something formidable, a hint of arrogance, air of dignity, solemnity to appearance (which may shy away others), a lust for power and recognition, and a craving for financial power. The Native does not encourage others taking liberties with, or seeking to approach him/her on too intimate terms. These persons also do not like others to pry into their affairs or try to gain their confidence. They are capable of handling detail in their projects and lives. There is somewhat of a fatalism about them. They tend to brood over the past, and generally do not forgive, never forget past hurts. Inhibited emotionally, they incline to jealousy and to autocratic and resentful attitudes. It is difficult for them to display affection. However, once they give their friendship, it generally lasts. All things considered, while the personal happiness is restricted, an unafflicted Moon here can bring success through a public position; prestige, respect, and esteem from those in a position of power.

The 1st Decan is considered to be the most difficult position for the Moon; the 2nd favors realization of ambitions; the 3rd is a timid, suspicious, and skeptical placement. Nevertheless, it is considered the most favorable, for there is less chance here for the Native to be his/her own worst enemy. The Moon in Capricorn is said to be better for a man. Women with this placement can turn off most men. However, when they do fall in love, there is total commitment. They become solid spouses. Male natives generally attract practical and demanding women. The men are generally faithful. However, once they disconnect, they remain so. The Moon in Capricorn favors all positions dealing with the public. Executive, administrative, public, and organizational positions are particularly well suited, as also teaching, law, and commercial pursuits.


Enthroned in the chilling home of Saturn and Uranus (but more the domain of Uranus), the Moon is in an intellectual and fixed position in Aquarius. Key word is Disinterestedness. Along with the other three fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio, the mid-point of these constitute the four great cherubim: the spiritual-mental or Stabilizing Point, the Lion or Love Point, the Eagle or Regenerative Point, and the Angle or Humanizing Point. These are considered the most powerful centers of energy. If the Moon is positioned at or near one of these points and favorably aspected by other planets, her presence will be felt throughout life. The Moon in Aquarius is probably more evenly balanced than in any other sign. Here she shows the least emotional impulse, the least enthusiasm, and the least veering to sentimentality. Her subjects here are rationalistic. Yet there is also a powerful human quality in this placement. The native may be, however, more involved with humanity than any one individual. Here the Moon bespeaks intense interest in human endeavors and scientific and philosophical truths. Due to marked absence of emotional or sentimental impulses, it will appear as if the Native is selfishly preoccupied with his/her own interests rather than sympathetic about those of others. Indeed, Aquarius occupies one of the most sensitive points in the zodiac. However, it is more an intellectual sensitivity rather than an emotional one, for there is a nervous awareness toward every passing impression. People with the Moon in this position are natural idealists and are generally optimistically inclined, their reaction to others positive and well-balanced. In temperament they are quiet and gentle, by spurts vivacious and even enthusiastic and excitable at times, though the disposition is seldom inclined to extremes. They have a tendency to worry over trifles. As a rule they are well-liked, others frequently seeking their practical advice and making them the repository of their confidences.

These natives have strong religious and philosophical instincts coupled to a humanitarian urge. They are notably unconventional in some ways, tolerant, diplomatic, reasonable, discreet, and independent in their views and attitudes. Sometimes they rely too much on others and display an uncharacteristic timidity. Rarely will they betray a confidence. Their tendency to occasional melancholy, depression, hypersensitivity, and worry will often manifest through fidgety efforts to forget themselves in continued action. Sometimes there is also the superficiality characteristic to air signs, but this is least noticeable in Aquarius. The Aquarian lunar tinge ordinarily stimulates an interest in advanced thought without the over-emphasis of any one interest. There may be a scattering of pursuits. In cases where the rest of the nativity denotes genius, this lunar vibration furthers the scientific and inspirational qualities. The Moon here postulates a sort of non-entanglement complex or neutrality of attitude that, while ideal for a scholar or professional person, is apt to become a burden in intimate relationships because of the difficulty experienced by the Native in narrowing his/her interests to the purely personal sphere. Although these people are sociable and sympathetic enough to meet any occasion, it is difficult for them in close one-to-one situations. The Moon in Aquarius not infrequently foreshadows sorrow and changes occasioned by others. Where the Moon is adversely aspected (Natal or Transit), it brings about disappointments vis-a-vis the opposite sex, liability of thwarting of the affections, or through children (or lack of them). It can forecast a troubled or somewhat aimless existence. Although these persons mix well with others, they can also weather long periods of lonesomeness. There is much originality in this placement and attraction to the curious and strange. The Moon in Aquarius is said to be better for a man. In a woman it can take away (real or on the surface) warmth in emotional responses. This is not a placement that favors passion or sexual appeal in either sex.

This lunar position is notable for the absence of jealousy and possessiveness, the absurd vices of Leo, Cancer, Taurus, and Scorpio natives. Women here make ideal mothers and companions to their children. Their life-style does not change appreciably after marriage, as far as attitudes, pursuits, and habits are concerned. However, as with the Sun in Aquarius, this is generally not considered to be a very marital minded vibration. There may be too much of an individualistic and erratic streak in it. Some of the natives may be also too bohemian in their tastes and surroundings. The shortcomings of the less evolved natives include their tendency to procrastination, laziness, chronic promise-breaking, boastfulness, a dogmatic, routine-loving disposition. All these natives are able to maximize their opportunities. The 1st Decanate natives may experience anxiety and hard struggles in life. Their most ardent hopes and wishes may not come to fruition or delayed. Eccentricity in the form of unusual attachments and sexual partners is a likely possibility. The 2nd decan natives are best described as the truly inspired and eccentric. The 3rd Decan natives may be burdened with difficult lives. The Moon in Aquarius favors all forms of humanitarian, political, and educational pursuits, exploration in all fields, authorship, electrical technology, and astrology.


Enthroned in Pisces, the Moon is in the joint domains of Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus. Key word is Anxiety. It is the Sign of the Comforter, the most mysterious and spiritual of all the signs. Pisces represents the stagnant waters of Styx, the legendary river that divides the domain of the living from the realms of the dead. Capricorn is the gate from the former into the latter, Aquarius, the indifferent Chiron who ferries the departed across the waters of this river of doubt and despair... It is the most secretive sign, yet it is also the realm of hope everlasting, emblematic of bondage and captivity, inhibition of natural expression, and confused sympathy. The mind is typified by indecision and indolence, variation and vacillation, sensitiveness, submission, and diffidence, and by a negative and receptive attitude generally. These natives are by nature somewhat apologetic, with a pronounced streak of melancholy in composition, and with a sort of spiritual awareness of events to come. They have a natural aversion to acceptance of any facts in the presentation of which no allowance is made for the element of idealism. They abhor reality and factual nakedness that does not agree with what they wish to believe. They are true idealists, unconscious victims of some childish illusion. Their private world is one of make-believe, they are the weavers of dreams. A belief of signs, omens, and in all symbolism of portent comes natural to them. Yet on some other fronts the Piscean Moon is able to promote major schemes. It is primarily a placement for a woman. However, the Pisces Moon acts as a buffer in most otherwise strongly dictatorial charts. There is yearning for the abstract, the more the Native has to deal with and confront the rough realities of life. Tenuous is the veil that separates the real from the unreal. The difficulty in separating the mundane from the spiritual frequently leads to excesses. This emotional stress has its roots in the conflict between realities and the native's desire to escape them.

Wishful thinking is all right where positive steps are taken to bring about practical results. This is where the majority of these natives fail. If they feel they deserve something, they expect it to be given to them. The value of the focus of their yearning is much diminished if they are expected to stoop to take practical steps for achieving it. Their sensitivity to unseen influences become a real factor in their future development. And since there already too prone to receive vibrations from the astral plane, they should, to be safe, absolutely avoid meddling with spiritualistic phenomena, as they should refrain from drugs of any kind, unless prescribed for a need. Natives with afflicted Moon (by Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune) may be influenced in the direction of mental or elemental obsession. When these persons get into difficulty, it is generally through their innate tendency to refuse to look facts in the face. These lunar natives, perhaps more than others, need to take inventory of their lives, not from a perspective of wishful thoughts versus the reality, but among realistic alternatives. Pisces is the domain of spiritual rebirth. The Moon in Pisces can be very powerful. It makes a great psychic and gives flexibility of emotion. It is said that the Native is always given some protection. People with this placement very often are attracted to the occult, but less to astrology, for Pisces is much more an impressionistic than rationalizing sign. People born in the Sign of the Redeemer are natural worshippers of beauty. Music and the arts are natural outlets for them, for they feel and experience these outlets much more than they can describe them tangibly. Lunar Pisces are very loyal to their friends. They must always have a creed or dogma to depend on as they evolve and develop their spiritual potentials to the fullest, for the Moon here is in its weakest placement. These persons are loth to put themselves forward; their almost utter lack of self-esteem and self-confidence denying them the success they might otherwise deserve and enjoy.

The powerful imagination and impressionability of the lunar Pisces tend to inhibit their emotions. So, the most trivial incidents are magnified out of all proportion. When things go against them and they feel defeated, the natives usually take on a fatalistic attitude. Their common faults are procrastination, impracticality, excessive deference for others, a well defined inferiority complex, and a fatalistic view. The less evolved natives may be lazy, careless, sloppy, and scatterbrained too. Women natives incline to romantic attitudes joined to self-sacrifice. They may be psychic. The 1st Decan Pisces are said to be the ambitious and bold. They may have mystic and psychic powers. The 2nd Decan indolent and pleasure-seeking. They are able to alleviating the distress of others. The 3rd Decan are restless, scheming, and longing for the impossible. They may lead eventful lives. They possess the highest potentials for achievements on the spiritual plane. Lunar Pisces generally succeed best in fields and pursuits requiring intuitive judgement, discretion, assiduity, and detailed work. They do well as entertainers, dealers with liquids of all sorts, promoters, seafarers, and detectives. Many of these persons may have extraordinary artistic and musical talent. Although nursing is a possibility, they should avoid it, for it is likely to tax their spirits.

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