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Ascendant in Aries:
Under the sign that symbolizes the pioneers who lead the way, you Aries (in pure form) like to be on top in whatever you are doing. You are a born leader and achiever. Your personality is direct and uncomplicated. You are also action-oriented, self-willed, fiery, eager, ambitious, headstrong, and persistent. You seek activities which propel you onto the center stage in your immediate environment.

You are not primarily an intellectual sign--again this will depend on the positions of your other planets. Generally, you are quick in formulating plans and taking action on them. For this reason you are better in starting things. Your innate intuition helps you to balance your impetuous thoughts and actions. Although you are full of ideas, sometimes you oversimplify. Concepts which cannot be translated into action are less interesting to you.

In love, you may be as impulsive and impetuous as in other things. Your love of challenge and action sometimes (or frequently) may lead you on a path of continuous experimentation if not conquests. Since you are highly sexed, in these times variety may be more important to you than quality. You can be single-minded and fiery-romantic in your pursuits, and you can be very passionate in the initial stages of your affairs.

Depending on how you choose to utilize the energies, you can be courageous or risky, inspiring or dominating, generous or taking, pioneering or opportunistic, passionate or self-gratifying.

Ascendant in Taurus:
Under the sign that symbolizes wealth, you are the settler who quietly builds an empire. Like the other Earth signs, you are self-reliant, stable, stubborn, and cautious; an individual who is also practical and constructive. You differ from others in your fondness for art, music, and literature. And there is a love of nature in you.

You prefer predictability over surprises. You need emotional and financial security more than other signs. This helps you amass wealth. You are the perennial bargain hunter, and not a gambler.

Intellectually you are not the quickest person. You deliberate for a long time before making up your mind on any matter, but once you reach a decision or opinion, it remains fixed.

Professionally you do not seek the limelight or high-executive positions. The fast-pace life-style is not for you. In love, you are a very romantic and sensual lover. Your sexuality is not the fiery and turbulent passion of some Fire and Water signs. Yours is a playful, affectionate, and melting sort of love that is deep. You can be a bit promiscuous before you settle down, but you never do this on the spur of the moment.

Depending on how you utilize the energies, you are loyal or possessive, giving or selfish, satisfied or greedy, building or acquisitive.:

Ascendant in Gemini:
Under the sign that symbolizes versatility and change, you are constantly on the go. You are kind, affectionate, sensitive, intuitive, and idealistic. Your mind is active, quick in reasoning, curious, versatile, inquiring, diverse, alert, and skillful. You are a difficult sign to understand, perhaps because you are so busy with so many things that others find it difficult to categorize you.

Your busy-busy energy, experimenting ways, and your extrovert nature can make you a superficial person. You also need to develop your concentration, as your attention span may be a bit limited.

This sort of indulgence is also reflected in your relationships and in your approach to life in general. Aside from being a bit flirtatious, you can actually experiment with several relationships at the same time, and you possess a unique gift for being sincere in every one of them. It is also fortunate that you can juggle your several affairs without falling into hot water.

Depending on how you use the energies, you can be diverse or superficial, versatile or scattered, original or imitating, intellectual or shallow.

Ascendant in Cancer:
Under the sign that symbolizes home and foundations, your primary motivation is the preservation of yourself and your clan. Your attachment and loyalty to family, especially your mother, and close friends knows no bounds. You stick to them through thick and thin.You are an excellent parent, but you could be overly possessive and protective of your children. You are very sensitive to your environment. You like appreciation, kindness, sympathy, publicity, and recognition; you dread ridicule. Deep down, you are quiet, reserved, emotional, intuitive, sensitive, protective, and sentimental.

You are extremely intuitive. You respond instinctively and absorb all sorts of vibes. Your many moods range from insecurity and fear and worry to extreme elation. In love you tend to be moody but very sensual.

In small matters you can be fussy, critical, and argumentative. In fact, in everyday circumstances you can be a difficult person to live with. Yet, you can be solid as a rock in a crisis and comforting others who are also affected. Once you learn to harmonize your mind and your emotions, your compassionate and healing nature will enable you to become the person to whom others turn for stability and guidance in their lives. Learn to overcome your inferiority complex so that you can derive full benefits from your excellent mind. For instance, with your ability to perceive the details of emotional nuances, you could become an excellent documentary reporter, a writer, or a playwright.

Depending on how you use the energies, you can be supportive or dominating, sensitive or overemotional, protective or possessive, reliable or wishy washy, imaginative and visionary or a dreamer. Concentrate on developing the positive characteristics of your sign.

Ascendant in Leo:
Under the sign that symbolizes the Lion, you are courageous, noble, generous, magnanimous, and proud. You have a great number of very fine qualities. Undoubtedly, you are a leader, and yet, you will follow others whom you respect. You are dramatic and love to be at the center stage. Sometimes you are a show-off, but you do it in such a colorful way that it looks good.

Mentally you are a combination of emotion and intuition. Your intentions are almost always noble and positive. You are also idealistic, dramatically but colorfully romantic, and an honorable person. You are not primarily a mental sign and you can be a bit fixed in your ways. However, your broader approach to life is impeccable.

You like to surround yourself with beautiful things, but unlike the subtle Taurus and refined Libra, your taste can be a bit flashy or gaudy. Perhaps you see it as royal. In any event, the sense of order is not necessarily reflected in your home, which may be messy.

Depending on how you choose to express the energies, you can be noble or snobbish, magnanimous or ostentatious, self-indulgent or lazy, praising or bragging, zestful or overwhelming.

Ascendant in Virgo:
Under the sign that symbolizes discrimination and synthesis, you are a perfectionist. You may be the busiest of all the signs. Like the Gemini, you become easily bored if you are not challenged by several projects at the same time. All these projects, hobbies, and jobs have to fit in with the rich circle of friends around you.

Mentally you have a tendency to categorize everything that crosses your path. You may fool people with your flexible and easy-going ways. That will not last long, for you are also a very opinionated person who can argue and debate with the best of them. Underneath your timid nature, you possess an excellent mind that is geared to meticulous detail, but you are not as good when it comes to philosophical topics.

Your personal life tends to be less organized and efficient. You appear to be a bit prudish to others. In reality, you are just being discriminating. You are not the flirtatious or promiscuous type.

You should express the energies positively and not become a nitpicking, critical, and disorganized person who worries too much about petty details.

Ascendant in Libra:
Under the sign that symbolizes harmony and perfection, you are good at balancing the ideal with the real. You are sociable, charming, mannerly, easy-going, aspiring, cooperative, and well-liked.

You are social-minded. Your friends and affiliations are important to you. Like the Capricorn you can be a social climber. But your motivation is not power. You love beautiful people and things around you.

Mentally you may be the most objective of all the signs. You have an innate ability to perceive the whole picture, but unlike the Aries, your opposite sign, you may be most indecisive. Frequently you fluctuate between opinions and decisions until one of them feels just right. Nevertheless, some of you can be very effective bosses. Your leadership is always fair, never abusive. You are not driven by power or ego.

In love, you are a combination of some of the best characteristics in the zodiac: a sensuous Taurus, a romantic Pisces, a melting Leo. You express these qualities in your seductive manner.

Depending on how you choose to utilize the energies, you can be indulgent or lazy, sociable or parasitical, sincere or phoney, gracious or manipulative.

Ascendant in Scorpio:
Under the sign that symbolizes regeneration, intensity and timing, you, Scorpio, may be the most intense and mystical of all the signs. Some people may judge you to be a bit colorless, but at least you are in perfect control of your temper. You are not a blabbermouth. One needs to gain your trust before you talk about yourself.

You, Scorpio, have a great deal hidden under the surface. You are the strong silent type. Your reserve and aloofness make you appear to be essentially a loner. There are occasions when you like to withdraw and brood, but, of course, you like it more if the right company is just around the corner, even when you are in a brooding mood. Your pride provides the veil to one of your great secrets, that your independence is a mask for dependence on others. If you are alone, it is not because you like it that way.

Mentally you tend to be somewhat serious and earnest. You are also a bit moody and negative. Although you can handle detail very well, your probing mind prefers substance. You would like to broaden your perspectives, but your inflexibility prevents you from fully appreciating thoughts and concepts which are foreign to you.

Depending on how you utilize the energies, you can be loyal or promiscuous, sharing or possessive, responsible or power-hungry, substantive or ritualistic, intricate or scheming, creative or destructive. Channel your energies wisely.

Ascendant in Sagittarius:
Under the sign that symbolizes wisdom and the ever-evolving, you are an extrovert who is constantly searching. You have an innate understanding of the motivations of human existence. You are the philosophers, teachers, and the eternal students. Your personality is very direct. You are frank and to-the-point with your opinions. (And you do have opinions on all subjects.) In these, you can be the most liberal and the most stubborn at the same time.

Mentally, you are broad-minded, quick and intuitive. You are also a delightfully frank and open person. On the one hand your vision is very broad; your conceptualization excellent. On the other hand you are also good with detail, capable of easily grasping the essence of a problem. Like the Cancer, you too can be prophetic, not so much through vibes as through your rattrap mind and your ability to foresee the logical sequence of events. Best of all, an incurable optimist, you can not be defeated. No wonder that you feel so self-confident, for you are the sign of good fortune.

Depending on how you choose to utilize the energies, you can be generous or wasteful, knowledgeable or opinionated, frank or tactless, experiencing life or roaming.

Ascendant in Capricorn:
Under the sign that symbolizes the civilization and public, you are the architects of society. Ambition is your most telling trait. You would like to be right at the top. Success is not a philosophical concept to you. You like to achieve it in a material and tangible way, but you do not want to have it served to you on a platter. You may be the hardest worker of all the signs. You have an enormous capacity for patience and endurance. You will get there however long it takes. Your perseverance and admirable self-discipline assure you the success you pursue.

In your interaction with people, your temperament is one of your serious stumbling blocks. In some ways you are very much a loner. You are also very habitual and predictable. You do not like this as such, but it is a cost you feel you must pay for being alone on top. Actually, there is not much you can do about it, for you appear to be a hard, cold, strict, austere, forbidding, and structured person to others. And, let's face it, you can be all of these.

Depending on how you utilize the energies, you can be ambitious or self-seeking, realistic or ponderously sober, gracious or pettily argumentative, constructive or manipulative, efficient or robot-like.

Ascendant in Aquarius:
Under the sign that symbolizes evolutionary forces and humanitarianism, your characteristics are difficult to pinpoint. Your personality is open but not really that of an extrovert. You interact with people, but not necessarily to socialize. You are a friendly, curious, intellectual, quiet, and reserved person. You can be also the bohemian, non-conforming and individualistic type.

As with Sagittarius, there is an elusive quality about you. You love independence and freedom, and you detest oppression in any form, but you are not adventurous or experience-seeking.

The incongruities in your personality reflect mentally too. On the one hand, you are fixed in your ways, on the other, you can be very unpredictable. You possess strong intuitive powers and originality. If originality can be harmonized with fixed qualities, you seem to be able to do it. Perhaps your way of harmonizing the two is not seeing things the way they are, but the way they should be.

In love, you are as open as you are in other things. (In this you display something of the virgin-like angelic quality of Virgo), and like the Sagittarians, you too do not like to be confined; neither are you the jealous or possessive type.

Depending on how you choose to utilize the energies, you can be individualistic or eccentric, caring or disconnected, intuitive or mentally scattered.

Ascendant in Pisces:
Under the sign that symbolizes sacrifice and compassion, you are a highly complex and impressionable individual with multi-faceted expressions and a series of false bottoms. Your complexity surpasses the mystical quality of the Scorpio or the air-like quality of the Aquarius. Like a well-cut diamond, there are infinite facets to you, each capable of reflecting a rainbow of colors.

As the last sign of the zodiac, perhaps it is correct to suggest that you possess some of the best characteristics of all the signs, as well as some of the worst. You may be the least understood of all the signs. You can be a combination of a mystical Scorpio, a ghostly Aquarius, a versatile Gemini, and an angelic Virgo. You can be more sociable than a Libra, as deep and as vulnerable as a Cancer.

Mentally you are as nebulous as planet Neptune with which your sign is associated. (This too contributes to the flaky reputation.) In the world of fantasy, imagination, intuition, and the abstract, no one (with the exception of Cancer) is your equal. Your mind is not supposed to be logical. It is better in conceptualization of thoughts and ideas. (Difficult to apply this distinction to the famous Pisces, Dr. Einstein.) You have a way of feeling your way to decisions. In this you are very much like the Cancer, for you too are assisted by all sorts of vibes and intuitive reasoning which have a way of turning out to be correct.

Love and sexual expression, to you, are inseparable. Although this applies to some other signs as well (eg., Taurus, Leo, Libra), in your case they are the same. Like the Cancer, you are incurably romantic, sensuous, and very affectionate in your expression of love. You have a curious ability to blend your individuality and personality to that of your companion, almost becoming an extension of him. Some may attribute this to a weak character. It is not.

Depending on how you utilize the energies, you can be self-sacrificing or selfish, inspirational or lost, imaginative or fantasizing, resourceful or manipulative, together or scattered. Develop your potentials wisely.

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