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This Years Planet Retrogrades

Indicates when Planets turn Retrograde or Direct

2017-01-08 (Sun)  4:42am ET Mercury  goes DIRECT 
2017-02-06 (Mon)  2:10am ET Jupiter  goes RETROGRADE 
2017-03-04 (Sat)  3:42am ET Venus  goes RETROGRADE 
2017-03-12 (Sun)  3:01am ET Vesta  goes DIRECT 
2017-04-05 (Wed)  8:36pm ET Saturn  goes RETROGRADE 
2017-04-09 (Sun)  6:22pm ET Mercury  goes RETROGRADE 
2017-04-15 (Sat)  5:27am ET Venus  goes DIRECT 
2017-04-20 (Thu) 12:00am ET Pluto  goes RETROGRADE 
2017-05-03 (Wed) 11:25am ET Mercury  goes DIRECT 
2017-05-12 (Fri)  4:39am ET Juno  goes RETROGRADE 
2017-06-09 (Fri)  9:58am ET Jupiter  goes DIRECT 
2017-06-16 (Fri) 12:15am ET Neptune  goes RETROGRADE 
2017-07-01 (Sat)  6:20pm ET Chiron  goes RETROGRADE 
2017-08-02 (Wed)  9:14pm ET Uranus  goes RETROGRADE 
2017-08-12 (Sat)  8:01pm ET Mercury  goes RETROGRADE 
2017-08-25 (Fri)  5:25am ET Saturn  goes DIRECT 
2017-08-28 (Mon)  5:41am ET Juno  goes DIRECT 
2017-09-05 (Tue)  6:17am ET Mercury  goes DIRECT 
2017-09-14 (Thu)  6:59pm ET Pallas  goes RETROGRADE 
2017-09-28 (Thu) 11:10am ET Pluto  goes DIRECT 
2017-11-22 (Wed)  7:27am ET Neptune  goes DIRECT 
2017-12-03 (Sun)  2:27am ET Mercury  goes RETROGRADE 
2017-12-05 (Tue)  8:22pm ET Chiron  goes DIRECT 
2017-12-17 (Sun)  9:59pm ET Ceres  goes RETROGRADE 
2017-12-19 (Tue) 10:28pm ET Pallas  goes DIRECT 
2017-12-22 (Fri)  8:51pm ET Mercury  goes DIRECT 
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