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Grand Cross

The Grand Cross occurs when four planets are Square (90 degrees) with each other, creating two sets of planets opposing each other. Grand Crosses are usually governed by an Modality as most Squares will exist between planets in signs of the same Modality. Grand Crosses can be indicative of tough struggles and adverse situations, but it is these difficulties experienced under the Grand Cross that can lead to intense personal growth and self-fulfillment.

  • The Cardinal Grand Cross
    These people tend to be extremely active, often throwing themselves excessively into what they are doing. Because of this there often times where these people become too fatigued to continue and cast everything off until they regain the energy to begin working again. The desire is there to accomplish anything. If there are harmonious aspects in the cahrt as well, the overall burden on this person will be lessened and they might find it easier to exert their efforts in a given direction.

  • The Fixed Grand Cross
    These people often have strong desires to make things happen, but often times lack the initiative or direction to put anything into action. They excel at planning and preparedness though and have strong attention to detail. These people can really thrive when this configuration is coupled with a harmonious aspect in which they can act as support to a greater cause. If there are no harmonious aspects, these people can become frustrated at a lack of a place to direct their energies and the fact they are frequently stuck in the same place.

  • The Mutable Grand Cross
    These people often find that their energies are directly inter-related to those of other people. These people are often dependent on others to supply a cause for them. They are content to place a large portion of their fate in the hands of others. However, other people will be more likely to direct the energy of someone with a Mutable Grand Cross towards one place than the native would himself. If asked to be independent, these natives often end up doing far less than they are capable.

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