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Grand Trine

The Grand Trine occurs when three planets are all in Trine (120 degrees) with each other. Grand Trines are usually governed by an Element as most Trines will exist between planets in signs of the same Element. Grand Trines are harmonius configurations that usually bestow a person with good fortune and a good outlook on life. Yet without some adverse aspects, many of the best opportunities of the Grand Trine will never be experienced as a person will lack the challenges necessary to draw them out.

  • The Fire Grand Trine
    These people are often seen out in the public, and they exhude confidence and strong-will. Others feel comfortable around them and are willing to place their trust in them. They enjoy taking on whatever life has to throw at them and have big dreams for what they want to do with themselves.

  • The Earth Grand Trine
    These people prefer to keep things simplified; particularly mentally, they thrive on logic and reason. They carry a greater understanding of the things around them than most. They put a lot of effort into the things they do and they fully deserve any of the rewards that come from the fruits of their labor.

  • The Air Grand Trine
    These people are very mentally driven, they exude the most influence on others by use of their words and their thoughts. Often times these people's ideals make up the majority of who they are perceived as. When it comes to matters that are more centered in physical reality, these people struggle a bit or are unhappy by the demands made of them.

  • The Water Grand Trine
    These people often leave their heart out on their sleeves. There might not be anyone more caring than a person with this configuration. They carry great concern for people as a whole. These are very mental-oriented people and they are very creative due to their need to express the great surge of emotions they are always feeling.

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