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The T-Square

The T-Square occurs when two planets are in Opposition to each other and both planets are Square to a third planet. T-Squares are usually governed by a Modality as most Squares will exist between planets in signs of the same Modality. T-Squares can be indicative of tough struggles and adverse situations, just like Grand Crosses, but they operate a little differently. The focal point of the T-Square is the planet in between the two planets that oppose each other. This planet exerts the most influence over the other two and creates the nature of the adverse situations that one with this configuration will face. T-Squares are tough, but they build character and if someone is strong enough to over come its effects, that person can achieve great things.

  • The Cardinal T-Square
    Often times people with this configuration are extremely active. This need for constant activity can be a problem as they can throw themselves into situations they really have no place being in. There is little forethought on the part of the native and often times, they are caught in situations unprepared. This can have its benefits however, as they usually do accomplish much with their time.

  • The Fixed T-Square
    Everything must precede in a certain manner for people with this configuration. This is fine if planning and preparedness is essential to the task at hand, but often these people can over-prepare or just waste time on details that really aren't completely pertinent. Patience is a must when dealing with these people.

  • The Mutable T-Square
    This is a person that often struggles to find their own direction in life. A major issue in their lives can be a fear of independence; almost as if they will remain in neutral if left to fend for themselves. They can however be quite productive if someone in their lives can act as a guide of sorts, someone to point them in a way as to get them focused and working on one thing at a time.

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