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Aries is a Cardinal and Fire Sign. It is ruled by Mars.

Elements that influence an individual

The sign of Aries craves action of any type. People with heavy Aries influence in their charts often have an increased competitiveness about them and a dogged determination that won't allow them to quit. People have an outer fire as though they can accomplish anything, but inside they may have their doubts about things. Aries is a very individualistic sign by nature, and it makes a person more independent. This can have its drawbacks though, because frequently Aries can make someone take on more than they can handle on their own (all the while that person still believes they can pull it off).

There's a lot of initiative with Aries, which can lead people to be more active in starting things on their own. People are more likely to do what they want when Aries is involved. A person with Aries influences can be insensitive, though not really on purpose, but more because they don't care as much about what others think. Aries tends to make people the center of their own universe much of the time. It creates a lot of ideas about things (though they won't always be the best) and it makes people favor variety over quality or consistency.

Aries will get people to own up to their wrongdoings, and it allows people to quickly forgive those around them. It can inspire a bad temper, but that temper usually strikes in flashes and quickly goes away once it appears. Aries is also going to inspire high hopes in a person because they can be so competitive that they feel the need to consistently attack some sort of difficult challenge.

Elements that influence interactions with others

Aries drives a person to be noticed more than those that around him or her. Because of that, these people often drift towards leadership roles where all eyes are on them as they try to make the most of a situation. This extends to the family setting where Aries elements make a person a strong example to their relatives.

Because Aries can cause people to take a me-first mentality into situations, they can get very annoyed when others try to steal attention away from them. It also dislikes criticism and causes people to rebel against it rather than apply it constructively. Aries as a sign shows a lot of selfish traits and this can insulate a person from recognizing the needs that other people have. This can also lead to jealousy and possessiveness at times, though Aries also wants a person to remain free themselves. It can also cause a person to be brash towards others in order to bring more attention to themselves.

In interpersonal relationships, Aries seeks to close the deal quickly. It can cause a person to fall in love before that person even fully knows their partner. These relationships usually begin super hot, but as each person gets to know each other better, they often cool down quite a bit. Still, once an Aries finds someone they want to latch onto, they can be very loyal as a friend or a lover.

Elements of Aries that have other effects

Aries creates conditions of immediacy, so actions can take place without warning. Persistence is also a factor (so a person will not stop trying if Aries is striking them right) and it can also cause certain situations to continue on in a loop until something is fixed or changed. There are strong artistic qualities to Aries though most things designed under Aries tend to be more for usefulness as opposed to having a deeper meaning to them. There are adventurous elements where people consistently strive to see what's next in store for them. It inspires courage in things and can lead to new discoveries in the world (by heading towards that which hasn't been seen yet). Everything involving Aries is typically upfront, brunt and honest. You know what you are going to get.

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