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Taurus is a Fixed and Earth sign. It is ruled by Venus.

Elements that influence an individual

Taurus tends to keep things simple and predictable in a person. A person with a heavy Taurus influence isn't going to want to take too many chances with things. A cautious approach will lead them to maximize the use of their resources, as they will not be wasting them on failed ventures. That makes the patience that Taurus can exhibit a necessary trait. Someone with Taurus influence can wait around for lengthy periods of time, looking for the perfect moment to strike at a potential opportunity.

Taurus also instills a workman's mentality in people, leaving them feeling the heavy weight of fulfilling their responsibilities. They will continue to work until they have accomplished their goals, never souring on their tasks until they've finally reached success. Because of this, Taurus usually leads people to nice things (it admires quality) as people will stick around until they see such payoffs.

Taurus generally enhances people's immediate memories, but doesn't supply a person with a strong imagination. Taurus usually leads a person to take things as they see it. People with a strong Taurus influence don't process things quickly either, slowing it down as they try to make decisions or come to conclusions. Because they hate budging off of their personal stances, they will put the time in beforehand to make sure they stand on an opinion that they can defend well. A weakness Taurus can create is a resistance to new kinds of ideas; this is something that usually needs to be overcome to adapt to changing times.

Elements that influence interactions with others

Interpersonal bonds matter a lot to Taurus (as it's ruled by Venus), but a Taurus will try to stay out of the public eye as much as they can manage. They prefer to deal with others on more personal terms. Taurus increases peoples' desire for romance and can enhance plutonic relationships as well. People with strong Taurus effects have very positive interpersonal skills, centering on loyalty and doing the right thing for other people. They are honest with others (almost too bluntly at times). It takes a lot to rile them up as well (though once you've ticked a Taurus off, they can really explode). They will pretty much accept a situation as it is presented to them and roll with it, attempting to avoid any discord between others in the process. In love aspects, Taurus creates a need to be involved with a partner, (which can lead to promiscuous behavior at times). Still, a Taurus will most likely eschew the one-night stand, looking for a partner with more permanence. It is when they've found this person that they unleash their most playful and loving side.

Elements that have other effects

Much of Taurus' energy can be manifested by artful things, such as music or literature. A strong Taurus element in the chart can also lead to the amassing of wealth (through slow, steady means). Homemaking is something also influenced by Taurus, as well as things dealing with the immediate environment, things used for decorations, gardens and such. Taurus will also create a level of importance on food and drink. One with a strong Taurus element should be careful not to over indulge in this area of life.

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