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Gemini is a Mutable and Air sign. It is ruled by Mercury.

Elements that influence an individual

As Gemini is an air sign, it generally causes a person to be more active mentally, choosing to think their problems out as opposed to finding a physical solution to them. A Gemini can be quite adaptable in that sense. Because so much of Gemini takes place in the mind, people with a strong Gemini influence have to keep up with the rapid pace at which the mind works. This means they might deal with a lot of restlessness and bouncing from task to task at the drop of a hat. They can generally be impatient and have a strong need for variety and new surroundings (until they have settled down at least). Their personal focus ends up being a key indicator of whether they will succeed or fail at things.

They love to communicate with other people, but they avoid getting into deep conversations at times (preferring to think about those subjects alone). Gemini has a great knack for knowing the right way to express itself. A person with Gemini traits will try different things and experiment a bit, learning what works in the process. They will also have a pretty good grasp of how things will turn out before they actually happen.

At times, Gemini can be pretty irresponsible, usually when their wanderlust has dragged them away from one of their duties. They can also clash with others because they insist on doing things their own way.

Elements that influence interactions with others

Gemini can interact well with others because it causes a person to try to relate with all sorts of people they meet on an individual level. They can have a unique charm with each new person they talk with. Being ruled by Mercury, Gemini values good conversation and it influences people to be active in seeking it out. It can lead people to show genuine concern for those around them and those influenced by Gemini can be quite affectionate as well. These people can also have an enhanced sensitivity about things. When someone is kind, it can mean the world to them. Still, issues can develop between a Gemini and other people because others can really struggle to see where the Gemini is coming from. Because a Gemini can see both sides of a story, others might resent their lack to be committal to one side. When it comes to love, people with Gemini influences can often seek out a number of relationships at once (giving each equal credence). After settling down though, a Gemini will usually become rooted by their family and the home structure.

Elements that have other effects

Gemini can influence a person to experience many things, often leading to a number of hobbies or activities that a person regularly takes part it. It has a strong influence on science and the way people go about discovering new things. Gemini traits also bode well for people seeking work in communications based work, anything having to do with writing or reading and the transfer of information (like news casting).

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