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Cancer is a Cardinal and Water Sign. It is ruled by The Moon.

Elements that influence an individual

Cancer is the protective Mother influence of the zodiac. It cares most about maintaining what it and its family already have. Cancer tends to draw the most emotional aspects out of a person's chart. Affected planets will have a more sensitive and cautious nature about them (unless a person is chasing one of their dreams; then anything goes). A Cancer is generally reserved inside, usually stemming from insecurities. The most important thing a Cancer can probably do for himself is to address their inner fears; this will free them up mentally in so many ways.

Cancer seeks out positive environments and it can drive a person to cast many of the negative influences out of their lives. This can create some difficulties in learning however, because instead of learning a painful lesson, Cancer wants you to forget it ever happened in the first place. Selective memory can also be considered an element of Cancer because when it wants to, Cancer can remember just about anything in painstaking detail.

Cancers are often hard to nail down because of the contradictory way they can conduct themselves. They can be stalwart in defending some point or activity for quite some time and then one day they might rebel against that same idea or act. On an individual level, Cancers can operate pretty comfortably without others around.

Elements that influence interactions with others

Cancer can bring some conflict into personal relationships, creating a fussy atmosphere at times and at other bringing major differences between others to the forefront. Usually these issues are things that do need to be dealt with though. Cancers are often attracted to people who are unpredictable and lack a stable foundation. The Cancer is well suited to introduce a stabilizing force into the lives of the people around them. They are understanding and they are great people to be around in troubling times for they give quality advice and genuinely care about the plight of the people closest to them. They have no problem sharing what is theirs with others. They also get a huge rush from the attention others pay to them. They will often seek the limelight at high costs.

In relationships, a Cancer can be possessive of their partners and often they only see their personal view of situations. They also tend to let what happened in previous relationships affect how current ones unfold. This often complicates matters. Still, relationships under the influence of Cancer are often a wild ride because Cancer causes people to invest so much of themselves into the relationship. When things end, it usually hurts like hell, but throughout the relationship, there are usually great times. In the end, if a Cancer wants to calm things down and find a stable partner, they must first look within and develop control over their own emotions.

Elements that have other effects

Cancer loves home and establishing comfort in situations. It strengthens the roots of people, tightens the bond between people, their families, their past and their cultures and traditions. Conservative values often get tied in with Cancer, though a Cancer can seek out their wild side through their interactions with people with more liberal qualities. There is also a strong motherly influence, and Cancer planets in the chart can often signify warnings or guidance through a variety of means.

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