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Leo is a Fixed and Fire Sign. It is ruled by The Sun.

Elements that influence an individual

Leo carries many of the qualities of the noble Lion. Leo almost implores one to act regally, and equally causes one to assume that all eyes may be on him at all times. Because of that, Leos are always looking to make a good impression and to put the best face forward. They are ambitious and they are very comfortable operating by themselves. Confidence is an important trait here as well and this leads to the Leo's optimism that things will turn out for the best. A Leo will seek control most of the time, but if they have faith in somebody else's abilities, they also know when it's better to let that person run the show.

Leo always seeks out action and this can lead to a person's impatience. This also manifests the busy schedules that can lead to disorderly settings (especially the Leo's house). But this disorder does not extend to the Leo's approach to life; they typically have things strongly planned out and know exactly what is going on. They can however, also be prone to a lack of discipline.

Elements that influence interactions with others

Leo wants to conduct itself with honor when it comes to dealing with others. Honesty is a must, and they will take responsibility when they are to blame. A Leo is a born leader, one who looks to seize the reins and wishes to take everyone around him to a better place. Leos interact well with others though they may come off as outspoken much of the time. They can also try to show off, though when they do, people are generally impressed. They have no problems striking up conversations with strangers. When it comes to love, they express a ton of passion for their partners. Once they have settled down, they are among the most loyal partners a person can have and they will go to war for the one they love. Still, they view the association between their partner and themselves to be extremely important, and thus they wish to find a partner who makes them look more impressive in some way.

Elements that have other effects

Leo is drawn to things of a competitive nature, especially sports. It is also drawn to drama. Leo has a pretty strong influence on the interaction with children. Jobs that are likely to be influenced by Leo are ones that involve a strong level of leadership, respect or prestige. Someone with a strong Leo influence might also be drawn to teaching because it combines a position of authority with the interaction with children. In a material sense, flashy things typically fall under Leo as well; people consider the attachment to such items as increasing the perception of success others have about them.

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