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Virgo is a Mutable and Earth sign. It is ruled by Mercury.

Elements that influence an individual

Virgo does the brunt of its work mentally, preferring to think things out before acting. A Virgo is no stranger to work, but tries to be efficient in the way he works, hoping to accomplish the most in the shortest period of time. They take everything they do quite seriously and they think hard about every aspect of things they are doing, analyzing things to the finest detail. Virgo has a strong sense of responsibility and will strive to avoid letting others down. Virgo wants everything to be exactly right and a Virgo always wants to be correct when they speak about something. They are ardent learners, always looking to increase their abilities to do things. Because of this, they can usually find success in whatever they do. Still, wealth is not a given for them; Virgo will often struggle to grow its riches. A Virgo can still be very frugal, as long as they donít have the ability to run up lots of debt. Virgo can have its share of worries about things, but these worries often serve to push them farther in their endeavors (if only so that their fears will dissipate). They seek to keep as busy as possible; if they canít find enough to do, they are easily bored.

Elements that influence interactions with others

Virgo is a sign that is often associated with servitude, and they are extremely efficient when it comes to the help they supply others with. They tend to shy away from the limelight, so they have no problem making up the backbone of a team while someone else serves as the public image. Part of the reason they excel in this role is because a Virgo has no problem telling others how they feel about things. They might come across as blunt, but they always speak in what they consider to be the truth. A Virgo can get irritated if someone doesnít agree with their opinions, but they are arguers not fighters. Virgos know how to put things so that others easily understand what they are talking about. They also put a lot of value in the people around them; in this way they make sure that whatever happens in their busy schedule, they always have time for their friends. They are also quick to change their schedules to open up more time to socialize with those they feel comfortable around.

In relationships, Virgos avoid promiscuity. They want stability in their relationships; with so much else going on in their lives, a stable partner helps them maintain a schedule. They are modest when it comes to what they do individually, but they can also be a bit critical of the shortcomings of their partners. It helps if their partners have thicker skin. Virgos can often be cool at times to others, leaving a bit of distance in their relationships. Itís also important that a Virgo find someone who can keep up with them mentally; that they have a good deal of common sense and think logically. Otherwise, a person without those qualities will frustrate a Virgo to no end.

Elements that have other effects

Virgo will excel in anything related to analysis or things that deal with a lot of details. They also make good teachers. Virgo is also linked with things that have a relation to health fields or work. There are generally recuperative powers that go along with this sign and Virgos typically hide their age well.

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