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Libra is a Cardinal and Air sign. It is ruled by Venus.

Elements that influence an individual

Libra will always strive to achieve balance in situations; it can seek right the wrongdoings of the world, achieve justice and fairness for all. It can try to find peaceful resolutions whenever there is conflict. Libras work best when they have other people around them; when they are forced to do things individually, they can be at a disadvantage. A Libra has great foresight to see what will happen down the road. They can also distinguish between ideal situations and reality without compromising the ability for reality to someday come close to the ideal. Libra is also fascinated with the pleasures of the world, particularly art, expression, good food and sex. Libras keep an open mind about things and always analyze them in their base state, trying to remove as much bias as possible. Because of this, they often struggle to make decisions because they can see the good in all sides of things. They strive to be around others frequently and are always looking to make new connections when possible. Much of their success will end up being tied into the people they know and how those people can lead them to future opportunities.

Elements that influence interactions with others

When around others, Libra is in its element. A Libra keeps things on a very sociable level. They tend to be agreeable and courteous with others. They are generous with what they have and will compromise for the good of all. They have a natural charm about them which helps further endear them to others. They will never shy away from a party and always seek to have a good time. They also keep the conditions of their friends in mind, breaking away from what they're doing to help a friend deal with an issue. A reason for this is if their friends are struggling, it will only serve to damper the Libra's mood as well. In a relationship, Libra is at its very best. Their best qualities get to be on display frequently. Libras are sensual and romantic lovers and aren't afraid to seduce a potential partner. The mental aspect of romance is important to them as well as they like to indulge in fantasy.

Elements that have other effects

Libra lends its skills to any job where a man in the middle tries to broker peace between two sides. Libra also will influence the creative spirits, art and beauty in general. It can also spur people to refine the things around them, to make things better by touching them up a bit. Libra loves things of luxury as well, often driving people to pursue such things. Libra also seeks to stay away from the dirtier elements in life, so a person with Libra influence will usually attempt to stay away from any job that could get too messy.

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