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Scorpio is a Fixed and Water Sign. It is ruled by Pluto and Mars.

Elements that influence an individual

The basis of Scorpio revolves around the model of tough exterior and sensitive interior. Scorpios are always looking to protect themselves from being hurt, so a lot of times they can act tough or let their temper flare almost as a defense mechanism. This leads to many common Scorpio attributes like being secretive about their own doings and suspicious of the things others are doing. Scorpio is also going to put its intensity on full display all of the time. A Scorpio often doesn't know when to let up. They can seem to have endless amounts of energy to expend. And they can take everything so seriously. Scorpios aren't likely to quit either. They can think critically and they usually have good judgment. Depending on how the chart is, Scorpio can enforce honor in a person, looking for the best of all around. But conversely, if the chart has negative influences affecting it, Scorpio can become extremely unstable and frequently act out of sorts. A Scorpio needs a lot of positive places to direct their energy towards.

Elements that influence interactions with others

For others dealing with Scorpio, it can often turn into a series of love-hate battles. Scorpios have a good share of qualities that can strain a relationship. They can be jealous and temperamental. They often demand things go their way. Scorpios also have the tendency to escalate certain differences into fiery arguments. But at the same time, they can be some of the most passionate lovers around and they can be totally locked into their partner if they feel comfortable. They need to put on this front of independence or dominance to conceal the fact that they need others at times. And in struggling romantic relationships, Scorpio often takes on a “strike-first” mentality to avoid being the one who's hurt by being dumped. If a Scorpio wants a relationship to work, he must first learn to control the strong passions and the urges to explode from time to time.

Elements that have other effects

Scorpio has a positive influence on travel and promotes it in people under its strong influence. It also has an effect a person might be able to use other people's resources. In terms of jobs, Scorpio often leads to success in fields like medicine or engineering. It will also strengthen any job that requires digging below the surface to discover something, like detective work or psychology and also any work that requires keeping something hidden, like being a spy.

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