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Sagittarius is a Mutable and Fire Sign. It is ruled by Jupiter.

Elements that influence an individual

Sagittarius is a sign usually in high-spirits. A Sagittarius looks forward to things and has high hopes. They are enthusiastic in their projects and because of their eternal optimism, they develop high self-confidence. Along the same lines, it is hard to discourage Sagittarius because it always thinks a way to succeed will open up somewhere. Sagittarius natives usually have high principles and think the ideal can be accomplished with enough work. A Sagittarius is extremely independent, preferring to look for adventure whenever they can manage. They can disappear at the drop of a hat in search of something that interests them. Because of this, they can sometimes write their own rules to live by, often going against the grain of expected behavior. They are also sharp mentally and they easily make logical connections.

Elements that influence interactions with others

Despite Sagittarius' independence, people who have strong Sagittarius presence in their charts will tend to work extremely well with other people. They aren't social for the sake of being social, but can frequently hang out in public places looking to network. Others can generally respect what they have to say because they are up front with them. A Sagittarius will tell you what his plans are and go out and do exactly what he said. More sensitive people can have a problem with their bluntness, however.

Sagittarius will usually have numerous short-term relationships early on in life. Commitment is something Sagittarius will shy away from because that limits their ability to explore what is out there. This can make a relationship with one an adventure in and of itself. Sagittarius is hard to peg down due to its unpredictability. A Sagittarius can also be quick tempered when someone challenges him or attempts to restrict his freedom. Any partner they might have needs to respect their need for independence if things will go anywhere.

Elements that have other effects

Sagittarius is fond of sports and competition. It also favors the outdoors and will benefit anyone exploring the unknown. Like Scorpio, it is also a good sign for traveling. Wisdom is usually associate with this sign as is the consistent evolution of things.

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