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Capricorn is a Cardinal and Earth Sign. It is ruled by Saturn.

Elements that influence an individual

The life of a Capricorn can be a struggle due to the high demands they place on themselves. That said, they are extremely ambitious in their quest to rise up and achieve all that they can. Capricorns can be extremely motivated by power; it is this power that often drives them to do whatever they can to obtain it. But they don't want things handed to them; they want to feel like it's been earned. Nobody works harder than Capricorns either.

There will be many bumps on the road for them to battle through, things that help build their character. While they prove to be capable of tackling their many obstacles, this path often leaves Capricorns feeling as though the worst waits around every corner for them. They are typically self-disciplined, but if they have enough bad occurrences strike them in a row, they can start feeling sorry for themselves. This can be especially true when it comes to their wants; they are extremely particular and will wait and wait and wait until something satisfies them.

They very practical thinkers and have a good idea of what direction they should head in. Appearances also matter a ton to a Capricorn because it's a basis of what others may think of him. A Capricorn also avoids being wasteful with his resources.

Elements that influence interactions with others

Capricorn can be a bit of a loner sign, especially when someone is locked into 'business-mode'. They also have the tendency of being cold and unfriendly with those they don't know so well. Everything seems to be ultra-serious and they need to learn to unwind. For those who do befriend a Capricorn though, they are usually strong friends to have and they can be quite loyal. The truth of the matter though is with Capricorn, sociality exists to serve some larger purpose for them. They are consistently looking to build their public persona, and in turn their personal power. They are also consistently looking for other people to appreciate the things they do. Capricorns can be quite manipulative of others, but they always conceal this fact well, especially because they don't want that negative stigma hanging over them.

When it comes to love matters, they can be a struggle on a personal level. Their cold demeanor can create distance between them and their lovers. The other thing is they are especially particular about the people they choose to date. A Capricorn would rather be alone than be with a partner they considered to be less than their standards. And their partner's personal status is important as well; how a partner makes them look is something they highly value when choosing who they will be with. A lack of spontaneity also can make the day to day interactions with them a bit dull. A Capricorn needs to learn to spice things up a bit and also to balance their personal and business lives so that their partners and families don't feel like an after thought.

Elements that have other effects

Capricorn affects things like mass civilization, the way societies are made up and operate, and the public as a whole. It generally favors professions that involve a lot of hard work, architects and construction, and any job with a public profile (like working in government). Capricorn can also affect materials, adding to them the purpose of increasing or decreasing a person's prestige and importance.

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