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Aquarius is a Fixed and Air Sign. It is ruled by Uranus.

Elements that influence an individual

The deeper nature of Aquarius is difficult to nail down. This is because from a mental perspective, Aquarius is a dreamlike sign, one that wanders from thought to thought. It can be tough for Aquarius to focus at times because mentally it wants to explore every new, interesting wrinkle of things. In people, it definitely emphasizes thinking skill over the ability to do things in the physical realm. Originality comes naturally to an Aquarius. Of course an Aquarius' view of the world may be skewed from reality at times. This is because Aquarius sees the world as it ought to be, not as it is presently constructed. This quest for the ideal makes Aquarius good humanitarians who despise anything constricting or oppressive. Aquarius also needs its freedom from others so they can frequently think about the things they need to think about.

Elements that influence interactions with others

Aquarius isn't exactly out there looking to make contact with everyone they meet, but when they do get into conversations, they can be shockingly open about things. They won't seek out human interaction unless they have some kind of reason behind it, as small as it may be. They are typically friendly and know what they are talking about. They are also quite dependable as friends, and you can count on them in a pinch.

When it comes to love, they can be equally open with their partners, not really feeling bashful about telling them anything. They also aren't the type to get jealous or try to be controlling of their partners. At the same time, Aquarius can demand its share of freedom from its partners. They can be flirty and often make friends with people of the opposite sex. While they can drift a bit when it comes to relationships, once they settle into a life-style and routine they find comfortable, they are typically good partners to have.

Elements that have other effects

Aquarius will lend its energy to any types of jobs that have a creative or idealistic emphasis making it great for artists or designers. Aquarius also typically enhances a person's ability to make future plans and to successfully network with other people around them.

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