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Pisces is a Mutable and Water sign. It is ruled by Neptune.

Elements that influence an individual

Pisces can be difficult for people of other signs to figure out because you never know quite what its thinking. A Pisces can spend large portions of his day daydreaming or putting things off until the last possible second. They can also lack personal discipline. At times Pisces can fail to see the worst case scenario, assuming things will turn out fine when in fact they do not. It is here that Pisces can be vulnerable to not being prepared enough. Pisces also may have a sense that something out there beyond our comprehension is protecting them or blessing them in some way. They can stay humble though and typically keep themselves neat. Life can fluctuate between extremely good times and some really tough periods for Pisces as well. Above all, Pisces needs to conquer their individual shortcomings to really succeed in life.

Elements that influence interactions with others

Pisces strength is definitely in its interactions with others. They can be the most kind and loving people that you would meet. A Pisces will generally do anything for his friends (even a great personal costs). They can sympathize with people who are struggling and are always willing to help such people out. It may seem they are at their absolute happiest when they have the opportunity to do things for other people. Often, this brings attention to them, which they love (it's almost as though attention can serve as the payoff for all the nice things they do for others). At the same time though, Pisces can have periods where it just needs to be alone for awhile to get its thoughts together. Their mentality can become an issue at times because while they believe everything they have to say to others, they might have a completely different view of situations than other people will. The other element of this is that a Pisces wants with all its heart to believe the things other people say to him. That makes Pisces prone to being taken advantage of by others. When it comes to love, these same qualities will apply to their relationships. They are fantastic lovers who will do anything for their partners, but they too can be prone to their partners taking advantage of their kindness. You only get one shot with a Pisces though. Once you've hurt their feelings, they can be extremely unforgiving to former partners.

Elements that have other effects

Pisces will strengthen a person's intuitive feelings and lead them to trust their gut more often. It will also emphasize feelings of fantasy and can be rewarding in any activity that features a fantastical element to it. Sacrifice is a huge part of Pisces as well, as it often makes a person feel compelled to take on hardship for others' gain. Lastly, Pisces is highly associated with indulgence, things like booze or drugs. If there's a strong Pisces element in a person's chart, that person needs to work hard to make sure these types of things don't drag them down.

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