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The Sun

The Sun circles the chart once every year and spends roughly a month in each sign.

Physical Aspects of the Sun

The Sun has the largest effect on a person out of any planet in the chart (though it does not always dominate a chart like Sun Sign astrology might make you think). It affects the way that we act, our perceptions of life and shows us the ways we usually choose to pursue our lives goals. The way that we look at ourselves comes from the Sun. It also determines how much success we have in finding our own individuality as well as how comfortable we feel when doing things on our own.

It also has as lot to do with how energetic we feel and our personal health. A good Sun position can give somebody more energy for pursuing their goals.

Mental Aspects of the Sun

The Sun also has a strong effect on the way our creative minds work. This includes the ways in which we come up with new thoughts and ideas. Another part of this is the way we put ourselves out there to other people and how they pick those vibes up off of us. From the psychological viewpoint, the Sun controls our egos and shows the extent that we are willing to go in order to accomplish things. It also inspires us to start projects and set things into motion.

Other things the Sun Rules

The Sun has many other influences in a chart, among them a person's ability to lead (as well as other types of ruling leaders and authority figures), fathers, sporting events and recreational activities. With regards to the astrological chart, the Sun rules Leo and the 5th House (thus it is more effective when in either of those positions).

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