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The Moon

The Moon circles the chart in about 28 days and spends a little under two and a half days in each sign.

Physical Aspects of the Moon

The moon's overall energy tends to be very reactionary. It's a response to other things going on around you. A lot of the reactions happen instinctively without really thinking too much about them. The moon is also responsible for the way that things grow' and also the way that things break down; the natural ebb and flow of things. Another key aspect of the moon's energy is the past and how we choose to think about the things that have happened to us.

Mental Aspects of the Moon

The Moon as a planet is much stronger in the way our minds work. Its place in the chart can really impact our needs and our feelings. Emotions are also a huge part of the moon's energy. It can allow us to feel empathetic so that we relate better to the people around us. It drives us to search out security and to find comfort within. It shares a lot of the qualities you would find in the ideal mother (things like caring and understanding and providing shelter). The moon can also have some effects on a personís personality, especially when someone is letting their needs decide how they are going to act. Because it can be reactionary, it also shows how someone can adapt to different situations.

Other things the Moon Rules

The moon also rules motherhood and femininity and a lot of feminine traits. It is also in charge of our memories. In the chart it rules the sign of Cancer and the 4th House (so it is more effective when in either of those positions).

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