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Venus orbits the sun in 225 days and spends almost 19 days in each sign.

Physical aspects of Venus

Venus is an affectionate planet ruling many of the qualities that bring people together. It shows how people are likely to express their affection and love for each other. It is also a big factor in personal attraction between people. In addition to those things, it also shows where a person is likely to find pleasure in life. It is also responsible for the material things a person owns (or would like to own). This includes items of luxury or wealth, because Venus leads one towards the finer things in life. It also affects things like someone’s generosity and willingness to share.

Mental aspects of Venus

The mental qualities of Venus also relate to harmony between people and their thoughts about different material things. The way people value things is important here. It also can determine what a person finds to be beautiful and can inspire people to themselves create something they find to be beautiful. What a person typically likes is affected by Venus. It also drives a person to find comfort in their lives, often by surrounding themselves with people or things they like. On a personal level, it helps people to relate to each other. It’s very powerful when it comes to someone’s actions in social situations. It also helps people look for balance in the world. Venus is also involved with the more mental aspects of sex.

Other things Venus rules

Venus is in control of things that have anything to do with unity between people, such as marriage or business partnerships. It also leads people to seek out peace with each other. Its creative nature makes it a big influence on the arts. Venus also will have a big effect on any purchases a person decides to make and the reasons behind those purchases. In the chart it rules the sign of Taurus and Libra and the 2nd House and 7th House (so it is more effective when in those positions).

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