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It takes Jupiter 11.9 years to orbit the sun and spends about 361 days in each sign.

Physical Aspects of Jupiter

Jupiter drives a person's search to expand their horizons. Foreign people, cultures and long distance travel are all affected by Jupiter. It drives a person to explore what else is out there. It's a huge factor in the personal abundance somebody can gain and is linked to a person's overall luck and good fortune. Because there is that lucky streak that comes with Jupiter, it can also motivate people to take more risks than they normally would. It also controls a person's desires to help out those around them. Jupiter leads a person to seek out truth in certain areas; to find meaning in the events in their lives. It also prefers things with a set structure and order to them. This links it to the need for a person to protect the roles they fit into.

Mental Aspects of Jupiter

The mental aspects of Jupiter usually fit into higher levels of thinking. They involve a person's ideals and the longer term goals they choose to pursue. Jupiter rules higher education and philosophy. It makes a person seek out freedom in various areas of their life and creates the need for trust in those around them. Optimism is often associated with it as is a person's aspirations. There's a psychological edge to it where someone can break things down in ways so that they are understood. It's also important in the way a person comes up with their ideas.

Other Things Jupiter Rules

Jupiter is closely related to things that require a higher level of thinking. This includes things like religion and law, justice and a person's moral fiber. It will drive people to explore these things in more depth to get an understanding of the bigger principles behind them. It also boosts someone's desire to see humanity as a whole rise to higher levels of being. In the chart it rules the sign of Sagittarius and Pisces and the 9th House and 12th House (so it is more effective when in those positions).

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