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Saturn orbits the sun in twenty-nine and a half years and spends almost two and a half years in each sign

Physical Aspects of Saturn

Saturn tends to focus on the things we don't really take a lot of pleasure in, such as hard work and handling our responsibilities. It tends to put limitations on what we can do and it rules boundaries (as a further restriction of someone's freedom). The thing with Saturn is that when in wants you to do something, it must be done or else you'll see negative consequences. Discipline is a key aspect of Saturn because of this. Control of things also rests in the hands of Saturn, as do the foundations and stability of things. It can be responsible when you face rejection. This might all sound bad, but Saturn really just demands the best effort a person can give. It rewards those who battle through their personal struggles. It seeks to leave a person in the best condition they are capable of. Along those same lines, it also rules the quality of items.

Mental Aspects of Saturn

Saturn seeks to lead us to solid conclusions. If something bad happens to us, Saturn wants us to know it happened for a reason. This way we can avoid those mistakes in the future. It is responsible for how strongly we feel the need to accomplish what needs to be done. It is also a factor in how high we set our goals. Saturn can affect the way we plot out our plans of action. It also gives us a perspective on things so that we look for simple, effective solutions, rather than making things harder on ourselves. In addition to that, it makes us look at things in real terms, not in the way we'd prefer to see them.

Other Things Saturn Rules

Saturn has a number of other influences on a person. It rules time, especially in the area of delays. It has an effect on people's authority and who they are in charge of (and who they answer to). It likes when things or people are organized, especially when they are in large groups. It can deliver safety and security once you've met its requirements. More negative aspects are its control over places that are run down or in a bad state. It also controls a person's deepest fears. In the chart it rules the sign of Capricorn and Aquarius and the 10th House and the 11th House (so it is more effective when in those positions).

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