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Uranus orbits the sun in 84 years and spends about 7 years in each sign.

Physical Aspects of Uranus

Uranus is all about change and development. It usually strikes quick, creating the type of drastic changes that people are rarely ready for. Because of this, there's often an explosive quality to a lot of the things Uranus affects. Uranus seeks a better, simpler world, but the way its energy works can create a lot of turmoil for all that are involved. It's rebellious in its nature, but can still stand to unite people who have the same kinds of thoughts. Uranus gives power to big groups of people fighting for change. It drives people to free themselves when others seek to hold them down. And it also rules awakenings, both physically (often through discoveries) and those of mind.

Mental Aspects of Uranus

Uranus can be twisted when it affects your mind, but the results can be incredible. It has power over genius ideas and brilliant creativity. Inventions are hugely influenced by Uranus. It can hook you up with the proper inspiration you need to create something that fills a big need in society. Uranus also represents freedom as a goal in someone's mind and strives to make a person seek out control over their own destiny. It prefers equality and can cause drastic actions to level the playing field amongst people; it can also inspire you to be a fair-minded person.

Other Things Uranus Rules

Uranus controls new, groundbreaking ideas as well as all inventions. It also rules electricity. From a social aspect, it has a lot of influence over the way society conducts itself and on a smaller level, it also rules clubs of people. When things aren't satisfactory for a number of people any more, it can drive them to revolt and thus it also rules revolutions of any sort. In the chart it rules the sign of Aquarius and the 11th House (so it is more effective when in those positions).

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