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Neptune orbits the sun in 165 years and spends almost 14 years in each sign

Physical Aspects of Neptune

Neptune is a much stronger planet mentally, but it does have a few physical aspects that it affects. It can cause a person to rises up and achieve something better than they are capable of. It can help a person discover solutions to their problems. Neptune can also help people escape from limiting situations. When it comes to people, Neptune creates a need for people to link up with each other and find common bonds. It generally inspires people to look out for each other and to find compassion for those in tough situations. It can also compel someone to make sacrifices for the good of another person.

Mental Aspects of Neptune

Neptune has wild effects on a person's mind. It is the most imaginative planet, giving people extreme artistic creativity. It is huge in influencing a person's dreams. But this imagination can often go a bit overboard as Neptune also causes a person's mind to often drift away from reality. It affects the illusions in a person's mind, often one's that might be thought to be real, but aren't. Neptune can cause confusion when this happens. It also effects the way that people can deliberately mislead you or tell you things that aren't true. Also involved in this is that Neptune makes you more likely to believe other people (because you will typically believe anything it influences), and this can really make you impressionable. Neptune basically opens your mind up to the thought that anything at all is impossible (which is why you can be so willing to believe anything). It can make a person more sensitive. And it also gives a lot of its powers to the way people idealize things.

Other Things Neptune Rules

Neptune has many other influences in the world, starting with the separation of people from society as a whole. It can rule places where this takes place, such as hospitals, prisons, and mental homes. It also rules altered mental states and things that might cause them such as drugs and alcohol. Neptune also affects the way a person views religion, spirituality, and other things they can't understand (like psychic phenomena). Mystery is a typical element of Neptune, causing people to wonder and exercise the imaginative parts of their minds. It also rules mass media. In the chart it rules the sign of Pisces and the 12th House (so it is more effective when in those positions).

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