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Pluto orbits the sun in 248 years, spending an average of about 21 years in each sign, though that varies.

Physical Aspects of Pluto

Pluto is a planet that focuses on the transformation of things. It doesn't really matter how things change, just as long as they do. Because of this, Pluto sometimes recklessly destroys existing things in order so that they have a clean slate to be built again. It's all a cycle, so Pluto also controls the renewal of old things. The same could be said of life and Pluto has an effect on death as well. Pluto has other influences in the chart too, like in the power that people hold over others. It can cause some to become corrupt and abuse that power. It also drives people to build their own individual power amongst others and it leads those people to perfect their talents and skills. Pluto controls things that might be hidden, like secrets, as well as the process of those things eventually coming out for all to see. Though it can be drastic and destroy much that currently exists, Pluto also has a purifying quality about it when is restores that which was lost.

Mental Aspects of Pluto

Pluto's mental aspects tend to deal with what is unknown and the process of discovering those facts. It makes people look to find the truth in things, and when they can't find it, to dig deeper looking for more answers. It also affects the general passion a person moves around with, as well as how aggressively they choose to pursue things. It can also lead people to raise conflict when things aren't the way they'd like. It can also have an influence on what somebody feels their purpose is as well as how that purpose is likely to change over time.

Other Things Pluto Rules

Pluto has control over things that hold great power and it also influences big business and wealth. Its transformative power makes it natural to rule surgeries. Pluto's connection with the mind means it also rules psychoanalysis. It also rules atomic energy. And it also rules sex, particularly orgasm. In the chart it rules the sign of Scorpio and the 8th House (so it is more effective when in those positions).

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