Are You a Super Star?

This Page will show you if you have Natural Super Star Potential

Not everybody is born with a "Super-Star Aspects"...
SuperStar Horoscope In fact, most people DO NOT have a "super-star aspect" in their charts...
(sorry, but that's how it goes)...

However some are born with astrological aspects that make it possible to obtain super wealth, status & position by putting their talents & abilities to work for them. While this is true for everybody, having a natal chart that contains a "Super-Star Aspect" makes it a lot easier to obtain high degrees of success.

That's not to say that if you do not have Super-Star aspects that you cannot be successful... (Nothing is futher from the truth)... It's just that you're going to have to work a lot harder & perhaps the "lucky breaks" will be harder to come by.

Having a Super-Star aspect does not automatically indicate success... It indicates the potential for it... Like all things, it's up to you to put the work & effort into developing your talents & abilities.

If you're fortunate enough to have a "Planetary Occultation (Eclipse)" listed... That indicates the eclipsed aspect has super-power like abilities... It's like the aspect is on steroids... Keep that in mind as you read the aspect/planet descriptions.

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Super Star Transit Aspects are the same as Super Star aspects except they're only in effect as long as the two planets remain connected. When you have Super Star Transit aspects that are active, you should try to take action upon then as soon as possible.

This would be the time to take some risks & additional chances... To put yourself out there where others may become more aware of you and your talents & abilities. They're great for any form of social activities too.

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