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03/27/2017 Mon 2:30am EDT Moon Pisces Trine Vesta Cancer

Your Vesta forms a harmonious aspect with the Moon. You may channel your sense of commitment to a cherished goal and your capacity for self-sacrifice into such things as nurturing, mothering, or domestic endeavors. Or you may focus your energies on such issues as emotional health and the healing of the inner child. You are able to balance your sense of dedication to your goals with your need for emotional fulfillment. You can honor your sexual and spiritual needs in a way that supports your emotional well being. Anima or mother figures may be supportive of you in these ways.

03/27/2017 Mon 2:33am EDT Moon Pisces Conjunct Chiron Pisces

Chiron is conjunct the Moon. The Chiron archetype constellates your emotional and instinctive responses, and vice versa. You mother others (and seek mothering for yourself) via avenues that have to do with mentoring, counseling and the healing arts. Your natural way of responding to any happening is strongly colored by your own healing journey and your own experience of wounding. You are extremely sensitive to the suffering of humanity, and this instinctual response to the wounded animal in others will be best expressed and of most benefit to others after you have come to terms with your own story of wounding and have taken up your own healing journey. This may involve painful issues having to do with your relationship to your mother or other anima figures. You are then able to help others deal with their own emotional wounding around the Feminine.

03/27/2017 Mon 5:11am EDT Moon Pisces Square Saturn Sagittarius

Sorry, this description is not available right now...

03/27/2017 Mon 9:28am EDT Moon Aries Conjunct Pallas Aries

The asteroid Pallas Athena is conjunct the Moon. Your emotional perceptivity and "women's" intuition may be remarkably developed. Your natural way of responding to any event, person, or stimulus is strongly colored by your creative intelligence, your cultural sensibility and your natural urge to defend the underdog. You are emotionally responsive to artistic or cultural awareness in others, and may be attracted to androgynous anima types or mother figures who display these qualities.

03/27/2017 Mon 11:26am EDT Mars Taurus Sextile Neptune Pisces

Sorry, this description is not available right now...

03/27/2017 Mon 2:58pm EDT Moon Aries Conjunct Venus Aries

You may be moved to appreciate and discover the beauty in your life and in those around you. At the same time, everything could take on added value and importance. Be careful that you don't overspend or indulge too much just now. Enjoy.

03/27/2017 Mon 5:12pm EDT Chiron Pisces Trine Vesta Cancer

Sorry, this description is not available right now...

03/27/2017 Mon 9:57pm EDT Sun Aries Conjunct Moon (New Moon) Aries

Your Vesta is conjunct the Sun. Your identity or existential sense of self is strongly colored by your need for a calling - something to which you can dedicate yourself. You are the fire-keeper, or keeper of the eternal flame, the guardian of the sacred fires of spiritual/sexual/creative energies. The sacredness or the desecration of sexuality may be a particular concern. You may associate your sense of life purpose with something that you hold sacred, and feel that your very purpose in life is to uphold that. Perhaps you are dedicated to the journey of self-individualization, or to spiritual practices (especially those involving kundalini) whose purpose is to realize the sacred self. It may be that your ideal in life is wrapped up with the furthering of creativity, child welfare, self-expression, or the dramatic arts, especially in their inspirational forms. (And you are an inspired romantic!) You could also be attracted to animus or father figures who display these characteristics.

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