by Donna Marie
(re-printed by permission from MyYoga.Center)

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2017 – Year of Harmony

“Our past does not define us.
Our future cannot confine us.
Our PRESENT is where we design us.”
– Ally & Nkisi PiRo
Namaste. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this lovely #MantraMonday.

Isn't it amazing how participating in mantra exercise has a magical way of releasing mental, emotional and physical tightness and tension. It never ceases to amaze me, how quickly tightness and tension is replaced with faith, hope and calmness. Restoring the mind, body and spirit by simply sitting (being) in harmony with the constant and continuous flow of Divine Source Love's healing energy (vibration).

I am truly honored to be here with you now, participating and experiencing a graceful transformation as we continue to create Harmony throughout 2017. As mentioned a few weeks ago, MyYoga.Center continues to focus and practice the Om Ami Dewa Hrih mantra, as one way to honor and respect dearly departed and their speedy and complete journey home. However, feel free to exercise any mantra/meditation/prayer of your choice.

For example, "Akal" is another beautiful mantra to try.

The point is to find one that fits and to practice the ones that you resonate with.

Feel free to join when: ready, willing and able

Formula for Practice: Move into an easy, stable, comfortable, seated position on the ground floor. Close the eyes. Silently (or out load) repeat: Om Ami Dewa Hrih three times (or up to 108 times), consecutively….breathing, smoothly and evenly. Enjoy.

Cheers peaceful warriors. Here’s to mindfully creating peace and harmony, from the inside out.

May all our dearly departed loved ones, rest in peace in the realm of Pure Great Bliss, Love and Light. So be it.

To All My Relations (Aho Mitakuye Oyasin)

So Hum (I am),
Donna Marie

More on the Realm of Pure Great Bliss, Love and Light - coming soon.

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This Month's Void of Course Moon Table
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Today's Chart's Aspects...
03/28/2017 Tue 8:39am EDT Mercury Aries Square Vesta Cancer
03/28/2017 Tue 10:44am EDT Moon Aries Square Juno Capricorn
03/28/2017 Tue 5:07pm EDT Moon Aries Square Pluto Capricorn

03/28/2017 Tue 5:41pm EDT Moon Aries Oppose Jupiter Libra
It may be hard for you to get support from others on career and vocational decisions. You tend to go against the crowd, taking the road less traveled by. You seldom follow what's popular, always preferring to go it alone. Your home and surroundings may suffer as the result of some of your career choices. You stick to your guns and tend to brush off questions of sentiment, whether your own or others.

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This Month's Ingresses...
03/09/2017 Thu 7:37pm EDT Mars enters Taurus
03/13/2017 Mon 4:05pm EDT Mercury enters Aries
03/20/2017 Mon 5:19am EDT Sun enters Aries (Vernal Equinox)
03/26/2017 Sun 8:01pm EDT Pallas enters Aries
03/31/2017 Fri 12:43pm EDT Mercury enters Taurus
This Month's Stations...
03/04/2017 Sat 3:42am EDT Venus Aries Retrograde
03/12/2017 Sun 3:01am EDT Vesta Cancer Direct

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