Daily Horoscope for Aquarius

... horoscope chart cast for Saturday, November 1st, 2014

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“My journey took me somewhat further down the rabbit hole than I’d intended and, though I dirtied my fluffy white tail, I’ve emerged enlightened” –Sherlock Holmes as played by Robert Downey Jr in the film from 2009

In this life we get just one body…it’s the voices in our head that can get too numerous to count…in a way, we’re a million people living in just one body, contending with one soul. It’s always the littlest things in life that are the most wild- this is just one wee point in case. With Mercury back to direct motion, this is a time where we will likely have to deal with multiple desires racketing inside ourselves- calling for our attention…the really wild part is- which one will we listen to? Most will simply answer the call of the loudest and most persevering…but the true riches aren’t often found in this way. A simple look at history reveals that the most skillful and driven are often the ones with the most calm outward persuasion…in short, the man with the biggest gun has the least to prove…this goes double right now for the insights that are bound to come from within, we’ve simply got to tune in to the call of the meek and mild within us, the subtle urging that doesn’t demand, but waits patiently to be recognized… There is an element of fate here that cannot be overlooked, this is a time of great influence upon the self and it will likely come to light in the most unsuspecting of ways!

Along these very same lines arises an intense yearning and desire that can only be labeled as carnal and emotional in nature- this energy is short acting but can yield some very interesting changes of direction in only a moments time. This is also strongly tied into an element of fate, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in some unusual and new territory… this is a great time to waken the senses and soak it all in, there’s likely a lot of information that may seem to be “part of the scenery” right now, but will need to be recalled in more detail later. The key isn’t to be seeking for some specific sign or signal, but rather to simply let the senses absorb it all- slowly, and with focus (without distraction). This is when connecting to the self (deep breathing, yoga, progressive relaxation, etc.) in the early part of the day will work wonders for bringing us closer and more grounded to our path.

Probably the wickedest (and I mean that in a Great way!) part of this energy involves it’s electric potential for instant and random enlightenment. Follow the rabbit hole indeed! The awesome, beautiful and magical part of this energy is very self-oriented, and will be revealed only when we seek to push through the barriers (made to make us stronger- and wiser) to achieve our success by following our love & passion…the sheer act of doing this is better than riches, it enriches!

Stay tuned for the Weekend Summary tomorrow! Much Love & Light!

~∂awn exton @gmail.com

Daily Horoscope for Aquarius

Your electric potential radiates in areas where you take note of personal changes in your mental direction…what used to interest you may no longer, a shift is well under way and its up to you to take the next step and take the leading role. The key is in where your passions meet your thoughts- get investigative and seek more information at this time, for it’s own sake!

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