Daily Horoscope for Capricorn

... horoscope chart cast for Saturday, July 4th, 2015

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“Well, you’re the damn judge”
“Yes, thank you ,I Am the damn judge…and so are you”
“Hell yeah I’m the damn judge” –Actual conversation

Yes you are the damn judge and your criticism is absolutely necessary, your preference is nothing if it is not defined!!…just how you do that, well that’s karmatically up to you!

We are working up to an independence day weekend and that brings to mind one thing ….burnt offerings…errr, No- Independence! This energy brings the reality check… with a lot of energy playing itself out now, and with the self imposed importance and active direction energy we’ve had waning, but still in tow... This is interesting energy because it causes some binders to be set up, the momentum forward has reached a point where we’d like to “stroll on through” but, with any path towards self-actualization, there’s plenty of things we didn’t see coming! Fate is called into play. Of course, it easy to see on a global level, as many of the actions of the past are called to the witness stand and thrown into the waters for testing (Sink or Swim!). The key here, for us personally, is to realize we are on the fringe….the extremes are being tested and it’s fertile ground for rising our own personal standards and ringing your own bell of freedom (regardless of the status quo)! Change for its own sake is favored with energy like this (for better or worse)!

Probably the best part of all this energy is how it favors the interaction between people, this isn’t random energy, it’s based on solid relationships already in the works, but this is when (even radical) changes are introduced, it’s as if you are learning new sides of people out of the blue, and that may be, as a lot of this energy coming from others is new to them too! This energy adds a lot of fuel to the verbal side of things, so there can easily be more being said than done… (great fly on the wall stuff, I’m sure).

Venus and Jupiter align to give this energy the fair and pomp fitting for a Holiday frame of mind…time to bust out the dazzle and add work to the fire... A little flair goes a long way with this energy but works to draw others close who are on the same vibe…set your tone & frequency!


~∂awn exton

Daily Horoscope for Capricorn

Your connective vibe will be enhanced in areas related to making decisions, the interesting part here is you don’t have all the information yet, so your intuitive factors are the strongest card- go for it. Your frequency is elevated where you can be expressive and open with others…

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