Daily Horoscope for Capricorn

... horoscope chart cast for Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

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Wow... One thing I've learned over the almost 18 years of writing the 'scopes is that you guys are quite sharp and rarely miss a thing... So this morning I had a few emails asking if that was my brother in the news, the stories that were running all over the world last weekend... And the answer is yes... The news story is about whether high ranking gov officials can work for both the gov and for private companies at the same time... I'll put some links below if you want to check it out, as it's a good read.

Work with me on this...
I come from a very unusual family... Both my Mom & Dad's families were REALLY SMART!!!... Perhaps "gifted" is a better word for it... I could go on & on about and list all the different accomplishments within the families, but that would sound jerky... My brother Mike has his Ph.d in economics and is a professor and Chair of the Economics Dept at Ohio State (toledo)... and my bother Pat is the Chief Technical Officer and Chief Architect of the National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Security Service (CSS)... My other brothers & sisters are mutants too, and I mean that in the highest form of compliment!! Our family members tend to be really laid back too... I remember when Pat was being awarded "Scientist of the Year" my Dad said... "Scientist?... I thought you were a college professor fercrissakes"?... hehe...

About me...
I knew from a very early age that I would follow my Dad into the family truck parts business... So I never really took school very seriously... It was a place to meet up with my friends and we would skip school and go on personal adventures... I knew I would someday take over my Dad's business, so I learned what I felt I had to know, and the rest of time I was focused on "having a damn good time"... hehe... Besides, school was so painfully boring for me... They taught at such a slow pace... I didn't need a "letters" on a piece of paper to tell me that I was smart... At school, when I'd get in trouble, (which was fairly often).. They'd tell me that I had a high IQ and that I should apply myself more... So I did, except I directed it at having more fun & personal adventures!.. hehe...

For whatever reason, ever since I was a kid... Whenever the topic "astrology" would come up, it instantly caught my attention... Like bells would go off in my head... I could never admit my interest in it to my friends, because that was in the early 70's and every astrologer you met/saw seemed like a kook fercryinoutloud!!... hehe... But I'd go downtown to the library and I swear I would read everything I could get my hands on about astrology... I learned how to cast charts... Back then, we didn't have computers so we had to do each charts by hand and do all the math to determine the planets positions... A natal chart could take hours to do....

Through a matter of fate & perhaps destiny... When I just about to graduate High School, my Dad closed his business (they were building a subway in Bflo and for 2 years it was nearly impossible to get in or out of his building, so he eventually sold it and shut it down)... Both of us went to work in the industry... As I got older I was voted on the board of directors for our industry group... (blah blah blah)... But my interest in astrology never faded, in fact in continued to intensify... Anyway... Eventually I quit working in the industry and went out on my own... I went to work for the first internet company in Bflo... My friend Sharon (the best psychic/medium in the world) worked there, and she told the guys we worked with that I was an astrologer... So all day long they'd ask me "what's in my stars?"... Sharon was the one that nick-named me "daniel well-endowed"... Ooops.. I mean "daniel whelland-dowd"... hehe... Anyway, while I was there, I taught myself how to program websites and made a webpage called "Hey Baby, What's your Sign?"... That later became "WeeklyHoroscope.com".

Here I am now... 56 years old... I am sorta-kinda semi-retired these days... My real job, I own a tiny company called 10th House Designs... (obvious astrology reference huh)... hehe... I am a computer programmer and graphic designer... But I still do charts everyday to help keep me on track & focused... To help me remain in harmony with the universe... And it works!!... The horoscopes are really just notes I make to myself... The only difference is that I choose to share them with you guys too... Over the years, I've discovered and invented so many advanced astrological routines and methods... And I am still learning more & more everyday too... And they must be of value to you guys because we're comin' up on 30 million visitors this year so far!!... Some day, when I get tired enough of the grind, I'll shift over & start writing books Splainin' these new systems and how to use them that you guys know are so freakin' accurate!!...

Anyway, I know this isn't much of a horoscope summary... And that most of you could care less.. (that's right daniel, just give me today's 'scope and please pass the olives too while you're at it)... hehe... But I know many of you guys have never heard the story so I thought I'd share it with you... Like I said, Mercury is retrograde, so it happens to be a convenient distraction from doing what I know I should be doing!!... hehe... Anyway... Thanks for stopping by... I'll talk to ya's tomorrow...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

Links to check out if interested:
Reuters News: Senior NSA official moonlighting for private cybersecurity firm

FedScoop.com: Patrick Dowd - Bio

Daily Horoscope for Capricorn

Your energy today is being directed at your personal finances... This chart makes it clear that you have to remove the "emotions" and focus on the reality of the moment... Your chart is showing so many strong signs of increases in personal wealth & overall abundance but you cannot allow the negativity or inner fears to hgold you back... At this time, it may be best just to mind your own business and keep a low profile to help prevent others from distracting or sidetracking you!!

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