Daily Horoscope for Gemini

... horoscope chart cast for Sunday, September 21st, 2014

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Weekend Summary:

To start of the last weekend of Summer, it’s only fitting to play Ain’t Misbehavin’ by Art Tatum…check it out!

Divine Fingers Need Not The Eyes To Read

The above magical work was created by a man who was blind since the age of five…the magic within needs nothing more than your desire to be expressed to Become.

The healing element that I discussed yesterday is still very active in the chart for the weekend, the pure essence of this energy will be found evident in areas that reveal the essence of our own purest dreams…the key here is in allowing ourselves the access to our own opening up and willingness to expose our desires for our ultimate becoming… what would have become of dear Art Tatum if he had fallen prey to his deepest fears of being able to become the best piano player he could imagine simply because he could not read all the music that was at his disposal in the wide, wide world. No, he had to believe that the music was within him…and for sure, he did.

Probably the supreme highlight of this weekend’s energy is the Pure Soul Power found in our own inner expression- this is not your usual, “shine bright and be yourself” kind of energy…no, this is pure guts spilled out and bared to the walls kind of energy, this is what separates man from beast…the drive to Become, to Be, to know thyself and Put It Forward with All our might. Sheer brilliant self discovery is at hand and a raw power to Believe that We are what we are willing to become. Pure and simple.

Raw is a great word for this energy because of its base and primal nature. The Sun connects with Pluto in a fashion that inspires not only renewal of the self (think new & unknown) but with a passion that has a nervous edge. What lies in unknown territory but…the unknown!?! Excitement fills the air, but only for those who are brave enough to face forward with open arms and wild eyes. Add to this an edge from Venus and we’ve got power play on our hands that speaks to only the highest order of willingness to Be Thyself. A grand mix for sure that is ready to peel open layers of ourselves that we’ve never known…be ready and willing!

Along with all this energy is a great social aspect that will function like the wind behind the sails of our personal endeavors and desires…it’s the fuel behind the fire. This is when it’s great to be among the few that push us, even if it’s just in a lightening of the mood, the alleviation of the stress that allows for the strength needed to push forward…no matter what. This is the saving grace that we cannot find alone….and alone we are Not.

Let us not forget that the added boost from Mars is still at hand for the weekend and this will lead to the extra emphasis put on not just the social and verbal side of things but also in our willingness to take action and be inspired. All things considered, a great and powerful mix for the weekend. It’s not everyday we are given fuel like this so it’s important to give thanks (Thanks UNI!!!) and commend ourselves for another days hard work and effort (just living)! Give your best and give back too!

Much Cheers, Love & Light to All!!!

~∂awn exton @ gmail.com

Daily Horoscope for Gemini

Your soul power will be found in allowing your sensitivity to shine through the madness, this is a time for being aware of your inner feelings and letting them shine. There is a key in making a choice and moving ahead, be decisive.

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