Daily Horoscope for Gemini

... horoscope chart cast for Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

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Today's chart is designed to take us out of our usual comfort-zones in hopes that we push ourselves to the limits to see what we can learn, experience & discover... The last thing you want to do with chart energy like this is to follow the same old habits, ruts & routines... The more you can change things up the better... Drive different routes to get to normal places... Eat different foods & listen to different music... It's amazing what different ideas & solutions can appear when you move in harmony with the daily energy.

With Venus, Mars & Uranus all jammed together in the sign of Aries, the last thing others are going to want is to feel rushed, hurried or pressured today... Just that bit of insight is well worth the price of admission as it can help you to retain and build stronger bonds with friends & other relationships... And what you'll find is that others will be willing to move heaven & earth for you if they feel you understand their needs and you are really trying to help.

The Sun is connected to Chiron & Neptune today in the sign of Pisces... This is very, very deep emotional energy... It's where the heart meets the soul & can bring about memories or flashes of insights that you would never expect... The great part is how it can have a very profound healing effect upon you... Where you can let go of the "pain" of the past and see things with greater understanding... Sometimes things just have to happen in certain ways to bring us to where we are supposed to be... (called destiny!)... The Chiron/Neptune partnership is there to help us to reconcile our pasts.

So just by showing a little extra compassion, understanding & cooperation today can be one of those little things that can make all the difference in the world in your future... But it also involves having the balls to be one that chooses to rise above the past & current circumstances... To wake up in the morning & to consciously choose to greet the day with love and anticipation.

Thanks for stoppin' by... I'll talk to ya's tomorrow...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

Daily Horoscope for Gemini

This is great energy that seems to fill you with a refined passion & renewed zest for life... It's when every cell of your body is ready & willing for new life adventures... But before you start getting all kinds of "John Wayne" you would be wise to carefully consider the consequences of your actions... With energy this good, you don't want to screw it up by doing something goofy... Instead try to put your talents & abilities on display for others to discover. Real Nice!

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