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Daily Horoscope Summary for Taurus...

...Horoscope cast for Sunday, November 29th, 2015

Weekend Summary:

There is an unmistakable transitional edge to the weekend as this energy unfolds with more than just a bit of a personal slant.  The Sun, Saturn and Mercury align and hold in close configuration in the first half of Sagittarius, this is when it’s easy to be more than eager about things coming “down the line”.  Our own “things”, what is “ours”… what no one else can take…this is super fabulous because it downplays the material and external and highlights the internal and what we know is truly pure gold….our own internal feelings, dreams and goals.  A great time in general to get started on new projects and really get the word about about where you know you are headed….  Yeah, the “down the line” is headlining the vibe and bringing it home into the feeling of the Now. 

What enhances this overall energy is a bit more of a subtle energy that seems to feed things from “the ether”…it’s not what you can see, or feel, or touch, or taste…but a general feeling and knowing that is solidified by seeing things in motion…what’s so cool about this energy is that it feeds off of actual progress but isn’t rooted in the material itself, but rather seems to function as is taking it’s cue from our commitment to the end goal…this is like fuel to the fire.  Get started, get rolling, then the pace will quicken (if only in an internal motivational way).

The crazy part of energy like this is how it can give the vibe that we were waiting, waiting, waiting, then before we know it, the waiting is over, the starting is over, and the game has changed right before our eyes, before we know it, we’re playing a different game, and (hopefully) it’s more real, more exciting than the one we imagined…. A cue to take the moment at hand for all it’s worth, it’ll be over before we know it!

I can’t not mention the loaded personal edge to this energy that is soaking in the sensual side, there’s a spice here that can really rock the core of the communal vibe, and set a new tone to relationships…this isn’t a surface level thing, but will likely be much more focused on long standing relationships, where the roots already have a substantial structure…. This energy can go either way as it is intense and has a dramatic edge, but played the right way…with respect and a sense of humor, this energy can really make for some fabulous connections and memories that will last…maybe even a lifetime! 

Cheers, Love & Light as we get ready to Rock into the Last weeks of 2015!! 

~∂awn exton

The Daily Horoscope for Taurus...

You’ll find your mix of focus being brought to what is truly yours- your goals, dreams, emotions where you can look to the non material side of things, this energy is all about the abstract and can be great for creativity! Seek the key to your sensual connecting point with others where the road converges…plan activities together, keep things looking forward.

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