Daily Horoscope Summary for Taurus...

...Horoscope cast for Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

It's the New Moon in Virgo Today...
And with the New Moon in Virgo, we also have Virgo's ruling planet (Mercury) retrograde... That sends a very strong signal to "stop, look and listen" very closely to what is going on around you... How many times as parents have we heard our kids saying that when we are trying to tell them something important... All the while knowing that the info is "going in one ear and out the other"... hehe... Mercury retro makes it easy to "assume" that we know and understand things that we do not... It's only later on when things are not working out as planned do we wish we would have listened to the instructions or directions better.

Mercury in mythology was "the messenger of the gods"... (that's why it has the wings on it's helmet)... It goes retrograde when it races too far ahead of the Sun and starts to lose (forget) the instructions/messages the universe has given it to relay to us... That's why I always suggest "writing things down" so there'll be no disagreements or confusion later on regarding important details... Contrary to popular belief, this can be a terrific time to find awesome bargains if you take the time to "research" what you are buying and know the true/real value of the item first. Many sellers will make impulsive choices to "mark things down" under these conditions.

But... (pointing to my butt)...
Fortunately, knowing this astrological fact can help spare us all kinds of needless aggravation... Just by doing simple things like giving ourselves extra time to get to where we are going... (expecting delays)... Paying closer attention when driving because other drivers can make sudden erratic moves... And perhaps most of all, the wisdom of knowing not to try to fix what really isn't broken... hehe... You will find that electronics (computers) tend to screw up... Most of the time, it's just a matter of re-booting or re-setting things... It's when you start takin' things apart that you are likely to get into trouble... hehe.. Especially when you're tryin' to put it all back together again.

Mercury retrograde is really the universe suggesting that we "back off" and to take more time to enjoy the life and people around us... Not to take ourselves and the things we do too seriously... To put away the computers and to actually stop and talk with real people for a change... hehe... Trackin' with me on this?...

Anyway, that's it for now... Things will get interesting... I'll talk to you guys tomorrow...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Daily Horoscope for Taurus...

The daily horoscope for Taurus is one where you need to make sure you have all your facts and figures correct... With Mercury retrograde on the cusp of your 6th House your main objective is to avoid misunderstandings or preventable errors... Doing one thing at a time and finishing it before moving onto the next tasks is always a wise move under these chart conditions... The mind tends to wander and gets ahead of itself and that can be dangerous when driving... Avoid being distracted!!

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This Month's Void of Course Moon Table
All times are showin in EST/EDT...
(adjust to your own time zone)
Aug 31 2016 0:20 am   to   Aug 31 11:22 am Virgo
Sep 2 2016 6:13 pm   to   Sep 2 8:55 pm Libra
Sep 4 2016 8:30 pm   to   Sep 5 8:38 am Scorpio
Sep 7 2016 8:43 pm   to   Sep 7 9:20 pm Sagittarius
Sep 9 2016 8:51 pm   to   Sep 10 8:55 am Capricorn
Sep 12 2016 6:00 am   to   Sep 12 5:29 pm Aquarius
Sep 14 2016 11:31 am   to   Sep 14 10:23 pm Pisces
Sep 16 2016 3:05 pm   to   Sep 17 0:22 am Aries
Sep 18 2016 4:10 pm   to   Sep 19 0:58 am Taurus
Sep 20 2016 11:32 pm   to   Sep 21 1:53 am Gemini
Sep 23 2016 3:57 am   to   Sep 23 4:33 am Cancer
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Today's Chart's Aspects...
08/31/2016 Wed 5:23am EDT Moon Leo Oppose Pallas Aquarius
08/31/2016 Wed 2:16pm EDT Neptune Pisces Trine Juno Scorpio
08/31/2016 Wed 9:10pm EDT Moon Virgo Trine Ceres Taurus
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This Month's Ingresses...
08/02/2016 Tue 11:46am EDT Mars enters Sagittarius
08/05/2016 Fri 10:22am EDT Venus enters Virgo
08/20/2016 Sat 4:26pm EDT Pallas enters Aquarius
08/22/2016 Mon 11:25am EDT Sun enters Virgo
08/29/2016 Mon 9:01pm EDT Venus enters Libra
This Month's Stations...
08/13/2016 Sat 3:49am EDT Saturn Sagittarius Direct
08/30/2016 Tue 7:50am EDT Mercury Virgo Retrograde
08/31/2016 Wed 9:44am EDT Ceres Taurus Retrograde

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