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Daily Horoscope Summary for Taurus...

...Horoscope cast for Saturday, February 13th, 2016

“Life is a mystery
Everyone must stand alone….
I close my eyes, oh God I think I’m falling
Out of the sky” –Life is a Mystery by Madonna

It’s often the case that we feel like the energy is stuck in a rut and then things change so fast we quickly forget about the past as the future rolls in. A refreshing vibe enters the scene. New discoveries unfold, the headlines are bursting. This is the saving grace and the folly, all rolled into one. While it may be hard, the key is in the carrying over, the transitional gift lies in our ability to bring forward what we need. Repetition, vice, and simply doing what we’ve always done can be our undoing…it’s when we stop and make the conscious choice to plan ahead and then stick to the New plan of action that things really take on a new shine!

Shine on we will.

Venus highlights the scene. Sometimes it makes you wonder if the Universe has so much a sense of humor that it plays into our grand patterns and collective ideas. Who is influencing who? The magic works both ways. No doubt it is easier to see things we are looking for right now so keeping our senses wide open is key to noticing the signs and details right now.

A close stellium between Pluto, Venus and Mercury in Capricorn is the core of chart right now and a new layer is exposed. Self love gets a whole new meaning. Capricorn is a restrictive force and hold things back….this energy can be a lot like looking through the binoculars the wrong way, things are distorted and further away than they should be, but you can still get a really good feel, things are closer then they look….it’s making them out clearly, and catching the details that gets a little tricky. This is a time where self visualization holds the ultimate value. The minds eye, what is within the reach of the idea, the dream. There are no boundaries to the mind, the imagination is a wild beast, under our own control. Time to let her rip wild, into the open and unknown.

We will see the pace of things pick up over the weekend with a boost from Mars. There is a warning here with Mercury on the cusp and Mars being highlighted, to watch what others say closely… Pay much closer attention to the action right now. These two can easily team up to make inspiration and desire run wild. A great time to dream on and push out new ideas into the open. Give things time to develop before making and definite decisions and commitments…

Cheers Wild Things of the Wild World, May the Force of the Fire be within your grasp!

~dawn exton

The Daily Horoscope for Taurus...

Wide open changes blowing. This chart is great for you because it easily opens up new avenues of communication, especially with others….this is when you get to see new sides of others and new facets are revealed. Your creative edge is sharp right now, apply your mind and don’t’ miss the details.

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