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Daily Horoscope Summary for Virgo...

...Horoscope cast for Saturday, February 6th, 2016

“Thought is the beauty of time” – Unknown

That sounds good, but then creative thought must be orgiastic time…

Imagine, your car broke down, you are on a dirt road, way out in the mid west of the land of the free, America. The land is flat and if you try, you can see for miles, and miles, and miles…it seems like nothing is there. Good thing you packed sandwiches, and since its 1950 something, you’ll have nothing to do but wait (sorry, no cell phone and fb, twitter, selfies). But waiting is boring, so you start looking around. You find some very interesting rocks, these are not like the rocks you have at home, and a huge feather, you think It is from a hawk, a puddle…your inner child awakens and you start to play. Before you know it, you’ve built an amazing little shrine to the blades of grass, the open sky, and your heart is soaring…you are appreciating the sun, the clouds, the breeze, the very air…then you hear a car rumbling far off in the distance. Your heart darts in a sinking motion towards your stomach and for a minute you are not sure if you are finding escape, rescue, or loosing your freedom… Help has arrived.

Well, that little ditty right there might not exactly encapsulate the energy we have got radiating down to us from the starry, nebula filled skies right now, but with the right colored glasses, it sure comes close!

Earth Energy Abounds. The chart is weighed down as if by a huge sack of potatoes in Capricorn with a fat setllium of planets…Pluto, Venus, The Moon, Mercury, and The point of fortune all geared up together, surely this is something to change the scene…

Get down and dirty. Oh, you dirty birdie. No. Not like that. Like as in, get your hands dirty, dig in, see what’s there, what’s to become, this is energy to be carved out of whatever you’ve got. It’s time to take a good hard, serious look!

The core of this energy has a point, like the pin head on a needle, it’s directed at our core desires and our darkest fears, this combo is anything but easy, kinda makes you want to look away and focus on devouring a pint of ice cream instead…. But when we take this energy seriously, we can see that our dreams are a destiny waiting on the other side of a veil, and we can be one step closer…

I’ll get more into this in the Weekend Summary tomorrow so stay tuned in and turned on!

~dawn exton

The Daily Horoscope for Virgo...

You’re likely going to be learning a lot right now with chart energy such as this, your emotional center is being rocked to the core and it’s up to you to use this energy for growing and learning. This energy is all about change and the journey…there is a key in how you communicate right now, be clear and direct.

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