Daily Horoscope Summary for Virgo...

...Horoscope cast for Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

"You start dying slowly
If you don not travel,
if you do not read,
if you do not listen to the sounds of life,
if you do not appreciate yourself
You start dying slowly when you kill your self esteem
when you do not let others help you
You start dying slowly if you become a slave to your habits,
walking everyday on the same paths...if you do not change your routine.
if you do not wear different colors or you do not speak to those you don't know.
You start dying slowly if you avoid to feel passion and it's turbulent emotions, those that make your eyes glisten and your heart beat fast... -Pablo Neruda

Loaded energy driving towards transmutation. If you can believe it, the effects of the super full moon last weekend are still working themselves out as the Sun wades through its final degrees of Libra.... so all that energy that was building up for the past month is no doubt going out on a high (intense) note. Like a crescendo lost in a wind storm there's a lot of energy being tossed around and this can have a draining effect as it's been forcing many of us into high gear. In it's proper time and place, high gear is good. You'll know the difference if you feel satisfied upon hitting the hay at night or more like a nervous wreck. Even more than usual there's a need to balance out the hard work with hard relaxation but the best part is how much progress can actually be made right now.... don't overlook the less-than-obvious effects of "I got this done and now I can SEE what come's next".... this is the Key.

The feeling that gears are shifting is a key part of this energy, if you're tapped in on this level, tune in because this energy is pushing towards our own advancement and relationships hold a key place... this is when people are going to be more obviously ready to take control and direction...this is great when all parties are involved...but we will need to keep and eye out for those who haven't yet considered all the elements at play; consider the big picture before making any permanent plans and decisions...

Cheers to Love in the Growing Light~

~dawn exton

The Daily Horoscope for Virgo...

You have one of the more beneficial aspects right now as this energy is really highlighting your ability to stand out from the crowd...as such, you'll need to pay very close attention to your words and actions right now, others are taking note. Relationships take on new significance, romance is highlighted.

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This Month's Void of Course Moon Table
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(adjust to your own time zone)
Oct 22 2016 3:14 pm   to   Oct 22 3:34 pm Leo
Oct 24 2016 8:21 am   to   Oct 24 11:16 pm Virgo
Oct 26 2016 2:33 pm   to   Oct 27 9:51 am Libra
Oct 29 2016 6:09 am   to   Oct 29 10:01 pm Scorpio
Oct 31 2016 10:44 pm   to   Nov 1 10:43 am Sagittarius
Nov 6 2016 5:00 am   to   Nov 6 8:55 am Aquarius
Nov 8 2016 8:59 am   to   Nov 8 4:46 pm Pisces
Nov 10 2016 6:16 pm   to   Nov 10 8:45 pm Aries
Nov 12 2016 7:45 am   to   Nov 12 9:24 pm Taurus
Nov 14 2016 8:52 am   to   Nov 14 8:23 pm Gemini
Nov 16 2016 5:57 am   to   Nov 16 7:57 pm Cancer
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Today's Chart's Aspects...
10/22/2016 Sat 12:25am EDT Moon Cancer Trine Chiron Pisces
10/22/2016 Sat 12:44am EDT Moon Cancer Square Uranus Aries

10/22/2016 Sat 7:18am EDT Moon Cancer Trine Juno Scorpio
10/22/2016 Sat 7:33am EDT Moon Cancer Square Mercury Libra

10/22/2016 Sat 11:33am EDT Moon Cancer Square Ceres Aries
10/22/2016 Sat 2:17pm EDT Sun Libra Square Moon (Half Moon) Cancer
10/22/2016 Sat 10:36pm EDT Moon Leo Conjunct Vesta Leo
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This Month's Ingresses...
10/06/2016 Thu 10:43pm EDT Vesta enters Leo
10/07/2016 Fri 2:51am EDT Mercury enters Libra
10/15/2016 Sat 12:46am EDT Ceres enters Aries
10/18/2016 Tue 1:59am EDT Venus enters Sagittarius
10/22/2016 Sat 6:36pm EDT Sun enters Scorpio
10/24/2016 Mon 3:43pm EDT Mercury enters Scorpio
This Month's Stations...
10/19/2016 Wed 12:04pm EDT Pallas Aquarius Direct

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