Daily Horoscope for Cancer


Daily Horoscope cast for Saturday, November 18th, 2017
by ∂awn ∑xton

Daily Summary...

"Dream away, child; let your dreams run wild
Or a lifetime of worries might claim you.
Dream away child; let your dreams run wild
Or the years and the tears shed might claim you" -Dream Away Lyrics by Frank Sinatra

Tip of the tongue.

We've got a grand mix of energy feeding itself... a strange fuel that is burning ice bridges and dissolving barriers.... What's so interesting is that the fire that is burning is pulling things to the surface, like an old school drawing salve...

Mercury and Mars team up with a fluid motion that feeds expression of all kinds... a great time to make music, sense the rhythm, pick up on the patterns, signs and symbols that abound. There is a dark side to this energy that must be attended too, this is when responsibility shines like a lighthouse in the dark, illuminating future possibilities for anyone to find.

There's a powerful mix of solar and lunar energy that is working to bring a synthesis of our emotions and self identity.... there's a wake full energy that is at the core of this which really sets the tone....this is a time where challenges have to be met head on with the expectation that we Will succeed (and have everything we need) ... THIS is the ultimate power that we bring Here, Now. A willingness to let go of the fear, aggravation, worry and any and all Negative vibes.... thinking long term with a gleam in the eye and the knowledge that you Can. Yes, you can.

Cheers, Love, Light~

~dawn exton

The Daily Horoscope for Cancer...

This is a key time of communication for you where you will be able to communicate what you need to say although others may not be ready to hear all of it, the key is in having made the attempt and let the rest go. Your intuition regarding how to connect with others highlights the potential for romance.

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Daily Tao

Govern a country with upright integrity
Deploy the military with surprise tactics
Take the world with non-interference
How do I know this is so?
With the following:

When there are many restrictions in the world
The people become more impoverished
When people have many sharp weapons
The country becomes more chaotic
When people have many clever tricks
More strange things occur
The more laws are posted
The more robbers and thieves there are

Therefore the sage says:
I take unattached action, and the people transform themselves
I prefer quiet, and the people right themselves
I do not interfere, and the people enrich themselves
I have no desires, and the people simplify themselves

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