Daily Horoscope for Leo

... horoscope chart cast for Friday, October 31st, 2014

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Hey Moondoggies...
There is a strange and unusual vibe that goes along with today's chart... The good thing about being good at doing these charts, is that I don't have to personally be able to understand it or what it all means... Over the years, I've learned just to say/write down what the chart says... (no more or no less)... It may not make sense to me, but it is likely that it will connect with you guys... So here goes...

The trouble with dealing with many of the Spiritual Encounters we have in everyday life is the simple fact that there are often no human words or descriptive emotions we can use to describe or explain the vibes that we are getting... Often we risk sounding like infants trying to communicate to the "Einsteins" when we are trying to explain things we've never seen or have personally dealt with... I've said many times that each of us are "cells" of a greater body... And the greater common understanding we have of each other, the easier it is to communicate & function together when dealing with the daily Natural & Spiritual aspects of our lives.

There is a strong element of "intensity" that many are feeling, but at the same time it's hard to put a finger on what exactly is causing it... The vibe is mainly calm & stable, but there are certain "hot-spots" that are still of major concerns in certain geo-areas of the charts... (especially the north & north-western coastlines of Africa)... And I am not specifically referring to topics like Ebola... But I'm not ignoring that element of it either... (Not with Pluto & Mars passing over those areas)... There is something brewing in those locations, to the point where the pressure has to be released some way.

There is the geo/global significance that I mention above... But this energy also has a powerful impact on each of our personal lives & experiences too... It has the element that demands that our internal pressure must somehow be released... Like the gas/steam coming out of a pressure cooker... Whatever, like I said... There are times when you just cannot find the right words for it... This is that Uranus/Mercury-Pluto T-Square energy... Where deep inside we know there is still missing information... It's Pluto's job to "get to the bottom" of the core issues we may be dealing with... So you may find you cannot really vocalize the vibes you are feeling, but the understanding will come eventually.

Anyway... Like I said above... I may not personally understand it, but I did my job and wrote it down... hehe... So this is one time when I finally get to ask you guys to pass ME the olives for a change!! hehe... Thanks for stopping by & helping to spread the word about us here at WeeklyHoroscope.com...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

I should have known by the being zoned out when I wrote this, that I was picking up on something deeper and more personal... So sure enough, early this morning I got a phone call with the news that my father-in-law had passed away.

Daily Horoscope for Leo

With all those planets sitting on the bottom of your chart, this can bring some rather heavy personal emotions to you... But the simple reality is that regardless of what you may be feeling, your overall chart is awesome and you'd be foolish to "indulge" in any kind of negativity at this time... This is when you need to summon your inner courage to do & accomplish what needs to be done... This is all about looking forward so you might as well get to it... Focus on your goals!!

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