Daily Horoscope for Leo

... horoscope chart cast for Saturday, December 20th, 2014

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"Change, Change, Change, Change, Change, Change
Chaaaaaaaaaaaaange" -A Murder of One by The Counting Crows

If you've ever heard the above song, you'll know that it's loaded with passion and ends with a great chorus of resounding affirmations about the everlasting fact of change- highly recommended listening....after all, it is the one constant in life & super strong right now.

One of the strong elements of change we have working right now relates to an element of fate that's been working for some time but is being highlighted and activated right now by some intense personal desires....this is when we can feel our own flair pressing against our backsides and encouraging us to be even more...no question this energy has a bit of an edge an urgency to it that is being highlighted by Pluto and Uranus which complete a T-square and amplifying our own desires for a more unified whole...the key here is in balancing the parts of the self to have less differences and therefore less energy wasted working in opposite directions. This is when planning and taking a serious look at our goals and desires and how to streamline them can have great positive effects in the time to come.

On the edge of this energy is an unmistakable energy boost from Sagittarius that is working to elevate the senses and increase the drive in a more spiritual sense which will elevate the creative and innovative....this energy will wane over the weekend so it's a great time to focus on the personal sides of the self with a bit of solitude and personal reflection on how to be a better "me". Make use of this energy while it lasts! There is a heavy dream like element to this which should be played out in the mind...imagination at it's highest form where the doors to expansion and opportunity are wide open. When kept in a positive frame (this can be the challenge) there's a lot of insight and movement towards a more positive vibration. Let the good vibes roll!

Stay tuned for the weekend summary for more details as we roll into the Winter Solstice Vibe- Weekend Style!!

Cheers, Love & Light!

~dawn exton

Daily Horoscope for Leo

You'll find your personal senses and drive elevated in areas related to areas where your judgement is being put on the line....there is a key in following up with the necessity involved in following through with your own needs right now and the key is in tuning into your own emotions as much as possible, avoid worrying about the judgement of others, this is your time.

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