Daily Horoscope for Libra

... horoscope chart cast for Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

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A stand-alone retrograde Uranus opposes the North Node as the highlight of our current energy pattern. Let the games begin. The element of fate that is active right now cannot be missed and it’s being driven by the obscure…this is when it might appear like events will unfold in a certain way but intervening elements will emerge to throw them off track. What’s causing this? Actually, it’s a fascinating element being inspired by a dissatisfaction related to elements of control…

While it’s always a struggle in modern life to be awake and alert to the Real energy behind the scenes…too much of the daily grind can easily swaddle us in a cloth of waking sleep. The overarching element here is dissatisfaction with this exact element of complacency and going through the motions. In fact, while many will choose to simply ignore the “grind factor” at a time like this- the successful will bare down their teeth and get the “must-do” out of the way as quickly as possible…thereby avoiding the guilt attached to avoidance and opening up a space for the real magic to step in an guide us…

It’s really that simple. The key is in making the choice between what Needs to be done and what is pure busy work or the “fluff” made up by “big biz”, mass media and the like. This energy is really about stepping outside of the zone to find a new direction and avenue of inspiration that would otherwise have been missed.

Pair this energy with a powerhouse of energy from the majority of the planets being scrunched up in a bunch and we’ve got a mix for some intense happenings at hand. Wild energy for sure as it comes with the Sun entering it’s domain within Sagittarius while the moon sweeps it’s path and Saturn not far behind. This energy will be noticeable in a way that reaches the depths of personal inspiration and fresh new ideas. A time to make note of what comes to mind as the energy will come in bursts and can easily be buried in the tracks of what follows. More details in the Weekend Summary tomorrow so stay tuned in and turned on!

~∂awn exton @gmail.com

Daily Horoscope for Libra

Your intervening element of fate will be active in areas in which things aren’t likely to go as planned, your lack of control is the key to your success right now so go with the flow. Your personal power shines where you are able to speak your mind and to those who are closest to you!

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