Daily Horoscope for Libra

... horoscope chart cast for Sunday, May 24th, 2015

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Weekend Summary:

In Rolls Memorial Day Weekend! That’s double cheers for most, as this marks the official intro to Summer (at least here!)…just think, three more wee little weeks and the Summer Solstice will be here- things are just starting to heat up!

If you caught my post from yesterday you’re up to speed on the Yod energy we’re under only this weekend things get even More crazy as Mercury and Mars have an occultation which is astro-babble for Eclipse…so if you were waiting or something Definite to change the scene, you’re likely in for just what you bargained for!

There is a seductive air that washes over with energy like this, the Eclipse between Mercury and Mars adds a lot of fuel to the already burning Yod fire with Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto…the moon will also glide through boosting the emotional side of Jupiter…this is real power packed energy and is enough to ignite situations out of the thin blue…when a lot of people will utter the phrase “and then the next moment….” Needless to say, this can add for some real memory making and story telling energy, a sharp eye will catch more than an ear full… a little indulgence goes a long way…

This energy could easily be added up to a hard line with a soft edge…there’s a blurring of the lines here that comes just when things look like they are getting too intense, and it’s those with a plan of action in mind but who are ready to alter said plans on a whim who will really rock this energy.

While this energy Is good for social engagements, this is when a little can go an awfully long way as the “I” in individual will be boosted enough to shine through immensely…it will be key to keep in mind that the scenes will be swiftly moving and sometimes too, so should we. It’s the flexible mindset and willingness to seek out many horizons that will expose the real magic and opportunities waiting for us…a Must time Not to follow the leader, the status quo, or the Grand plan….

The Great Fight is within us all, and Memorial Day Weekend is a chance to celebrate the good fight in us all! Cheers to a swell rise & shine!

~Much Love & Light!

~∂awn exton

Daily Horoscope for Libra

You’ll find a bolstering of your Yod energy in areas related to what you already know…this energy is great for defining or re-defining what is already in progress, there’s a heavy relationship focus here and it will be up to you to get the ball rolling, take a soft approach and open up to others, you’ll be surprised what comes in return…

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