Daily Horoscope for Libra

... horoscope chart cast for Sunday, April 26th, 2015

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Weekend Summary:

“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person that walked in. That’s what the storm is all about” –Haruki Murakami

Open up the flood lights ‘cuz the fog is calling on…

The weekend rolls our a bit of a twist to the changing energy pattern that we’ve been experiencing this week, there’s more than a bit of an air of uncertainty that can unravel as we venture into the unknown…. This energy is boosted by Uranus as our core being is called into question, just what will we choose and how will we choose to be?

One of the keys to this energy lies in a very swiftly moving Lunar influence that will be felt and experienced in waves of emotions that really dig to the center of things and see what lies behind the surface layer….intuition can be quite strong right now….this is likely to come in the middle of interactions with others, so if you see that “blank stare into the distance” look, know that there’s a process of assimilation going on- give people time to soak things in, and yourself too. A cue to get things in writing and keep the details clear… On a personal level, this is when we can feel sudden drives or want to jump into action, a lot of this energy is geared towards the releasing of tension, but a little indulgence and “me” time can go a long way in easing the strain (tension) as we move forward…the key here is in being able to project our needs forward…what will have the most lasting value, creating a memory can last a lifetime, ice cream sundaes, not so much, lol.

On a whole, we’ve got a good mix of balance in the chart right now as the planets are more spread out, this allows things to move forward with greater ease as there are fewer “gaps” between energy centers… as always, it’s the key to Balance that makes things move with enjoyable grace, and this can be a great time to play out this balance on a personal level.. This comes as simply as finding ourselves in an environment that is an energetic balance itself…this is why we feel so outstanding by the salty ocean air (or any water), with our feet in the sand and the breeze blowing in our face…add a roaring fire and life is just about perfect! Gardens, sunshine, rain, wind…the elements abound and now is a great time to thrive on them and soak in the regenerative powers!!

Cheers, Love & Lots of Light!

~∂awn exton

Daily Horoscope for Libra

You’ll find your Lunar based emotional influence awakening in areas related to your chances of success, this energy is highly variable and probabilistic, a time where much more can happen than meets the eye…get out and be social now, set your standards high.

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