Daily Horoscope for Libra

... horoscope chart cast for Sunday, February 1st, 2015

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Weekend Summary:

“What you seek, you shall find.”

“Programmed into stars, let us fly two billion times backwards

and plant our minds as seeds…

The steps toward something progressed” – C. Lawless

The stars could not shine brighter right now for those who have a natural inclination towards standing up for themselves, setting the standards, and assuming the control of their wants and desires….Venus joins forces with Neptune right now over the weekend in a big way, (and note: this energy will be just as strong in the next coming days). The fantastic part of this energy is how it can erase boundaries with sheer will and determination… but can just as easily be fussy and short-sighted if we haven’t considered the “long haul”(what it takes to get there) and be grounded (at least when we need to be)…the wild expanses of our dreams right now highlights the myriad of choices…. It’s in the selecting where we must have our wits firmly in tact…a delicate little give and take that requires balance. It brings to mind the adage “work hard, play hard”…only this time it’s in Reverse.

The Sun and Jupiter form nearly an intense a pairing this weekend (this energy too, will last for the next few days). This is when things get interesting because you will hear people say, even do, things seemingly out of character…in a large part, driven by a sense of empowerment that can have people feeling strong willed and with the confidence that they are able to achieve what they desire, which is great, when it’s not overdone. This energy can easily build an intensity that can spark disagreements when desires clash, a queue that we may need to give others more space and let this energy settle. This is great energy for really getting some fuel on the fire…that which burns, can easily burn brighter….a good boost for relationships too- as long as we don’t let Ego get in the way, of course. ….Of course It’s easy to confuse Ego with having an assertive will, but the two are not the same…Ego competes and compares, wants to dominate and Is, after all, insatiable…it leads only back upon itself and inhibits forward movement....it lacks the sense of Freedom which comes from true growth and attainment.

Cheers, Love & Light…Welcome to February!

~∂awn exton

Daily Horoscope for Libra

You’ll find your personal standards able to be raised in areas related to your willpower and ability to raise the status quo…now is not a time to settle, make sure your heart is in 100%. Your sense of desire will be heightened in areas related to what’s to come- get excited and look ahead now with plans!

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