Daily Horoscope for Libra

... horoscope chart cast for Thursday, September 5th, 2013

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This chart energy has so many qualities that lead to personal transformations... To spell it all out, it would take pages & pages... (and I am a slow & lousy typer)... hehe... But it's all about the Pluto energy at the moment... Pluto doesn't care about the past... Has no fear about the present moment... It's main concern is to lead & guide you towards your future fate & destiny. And right now, when it is connected to so many of the other planets, it is not going to waste a moment of this time... So it sets out to do as much as it can while this energy is in effect.

One thing everybody really needs to realize is that the planet alignments appear long before the actual events may appear in our lives... (especially when we are dealing with the outer planets)... So while most people tend to "give up" or "turn away" because they don't see immediate results... Those that are like good farmers who take care of the seeds they've planted are the ones that are able to reap the rewards they've earned and the others who did give up never realize what they've missed. It's as fair as I can see in this universe.

So the two most active planets at the moment is Venus (wealth) and PLuto (transformation)... The danger with these two is that it can cause some to "go too far" and put their honor or integrity in danger in hopes of obtaining their goals & objectives... (don't be that guy)... hehe... Take it all as it happen, the way it was intended and you can surely have it made.

That's it for right now... Thanks for stopping by and I'll talk to ya's later...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

Daily Horoscope for Libra

This is one of those times when you cannot allow anything to break your faith in your hopes, dreams and wishes... Nor can you allow the negativity of others to turn your own mood & attitude negative... With this planet arrangement, there is plenty of action going on behind the scenes... Some of it will be negative towards you, but you just have to mind your own business and seek personal excellence... It may take a while, but others will eventually catch up & understand your words & actions. Be strong!

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