Daily Horoscope for Pisces

... horoscope chart cast for Sunday, October 26th, 2014

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Weekend Summary:

The intensity that we saw yesterday wanes a bit as the weekend unfolds, and that’s a good thing as it may have been a bit of an extra stressor on relationship aspects which are still a heavy part of the overall energy pattern right now… Sigh of relief. Go ahead, do it. Take a niiice big breath and let it out…allll the way out, do it again. Feel the relief down to your fingertips & toes.

There’s a fortunate degree warming up the social scene right now that cannot be missed- the power of expression comes on strong and it only takes a little prompting (or none at all) for the big, flashy sort of promises and expectations to waft easily from the lips, building an air of positivity and expectation that can just as easily never appear. This is a warning signal to not offer more than we can deliver; to be honest and true. It’s the basics right now that should be attended to without question, fulfilling the simple desires- like taking the time to listen, not just with open ears but also with an open heart… Mercury has gone direct again so this can be an added boost to this energy, also boosted by an element of fate and an unusual nature that can hook the eye of attention and alter the glance. A time to be attentive.

There’s a seriousness that goes along with this energy that follows the path of doing the right thing even if it means sacrifice, the pay off will be immediate in terms of how you feel, but will have larger effects that go largely unnoticed (but will make your life easier). This is the life lottery at work and it needs no score checker other than the self…

The Sun and Venus play a big part on the scene over the weekend and this will be a welcome breath of fresh air that is as much a personal thing as it is public….the interesting part is how it will alter our personal feeling the more we are able to create our own limelight for our own purpose of enjoyment. This is where the attractive force comes into play as those who are naturally in their groove will stand out from the crowd. So, take the extra time to pamper the self, treat yourself right so you feel good- there’s no telling where this vibe will take you but it has a magnifying effect that will draw the right ones close and repel (usually a factor of jealousy) the wrong ones. The key is in doing it for you, and you alone. There’s also an interesting factor at play here that relates to our inner dialogue, now is the time to the speak high praises, our mental attitude is everything and we need the voice in our head to be our best friend right now.

These are wild times, my friends, full of the unknown. Be we have (and always will) this very moment to fulfill and bask in. Just the breeze, a deep breath, the power to make the next choice Ours. In a word: freedom.

Cheers, Love & Light!!

~∂awn exton @ gmail.com

Daily Horoscope for Pisces

Your personal power force and element of personal passion will awaken in letting go for your personal issues of power and control- the key here is in being confident with what you already have. Making plans with another for the long term brings success, plan the details now.

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