Daily Horoscope for Pisces

... horoscope chart cast for Sunday, March 29th, 2015

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Weekend Summary:

“You want to know the difference between a master and a beginner? The master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried” –Could have been anybody, I found it on FB with a random picture of a jedi…

People often wonder what it is that makes someone shine, what allows them to access all the wonder and attention and glory that comes from shattering the mundane in their own lives and more than often leads to success. Take for instance the random “subway cowboy” who makes a grand entrance on any random car at any random time, dressed in nothing but a pair of purple boxing shorts two sizes too small and dances around like he’s five and was given all access to all the candy in the world while singing his own version of “It’s a small world after all” while beaming… the guy who doesn’t ask for money, can’t be ignored, and often is given money freely in trade for all the videos that can be captured in the short time between two stops. Compare him to the guy who gets on the train and threatens to show you his poorly bandaged abscessed foot if you don’t offer him at least your “spare change”(oh yeah, we have those to here in NYC). We can be sure that only One of these guys has Joy in his heart and unspoken encouragement being directed at him from many a stranger in a strange land…. Only one has decided to truly do everything with what he’s got, make it good, and let what comes his way simply Be. Of course, we are all given the freedom to determine what we want to define as success, but just how far are we willing to step outside the norm and accepted to find it?

It’s often enough to take an honest and brave look behind the veils of conformity to find the magic and love that is waiting for any to find. Our current chart energy offers just this sort of access, if we want it. What’s more is how often a “crazy idea” remains just that until it is shared with others, allowed to be expanded upon outside of our own consciousness, get rooted in reality and Encouraged by others. This encouragement is often all it takes for a “crazy idea” to sprout wings and take off…a birth into unknown territory that might, just might, lead to success somewhere down the road! Part of our struggle as human beans (as Dan would say hehehe) is to find the patience and the vision within ourselves to Seek that space down the road, before it arrives….that unfamiliar place that starts as only an idea…

Yeah, there’s some real magic able to be accessed this weekend and we aren’t likely to find it alone. There’s a great energy and movement towards not just connecting with others but combining efforts to really generate change, and this alone is enough cause for celebration! The weekend warms up to a crescendo of emotions that will peak mid weekend and will have a way of bursting unforeseen information and revelations…like a damn breaking and the flood gates opening, we may likely be in for a surprise. The question remains, are we brave and willing enough to release our own pent up emotions and bask in the freedom of their expulsion? A time to contemplate and delve into the feelings that lie waiting, just below the surface. This is when the personal finds ultimate and unending grounding in the universal light of connection.

While it’s not easy to see at first glance the chart offers a special kind of formation which pin points an end (beginning) in our own honesty with ourselves and what we desire to stand firm and strong for, what we will truly sacrifice for in the long run to see come to fruition… this, in the grand scheme of things isn’t light energy, but requires determination and the fire ignited by a white knuckled passion that isn’t easy to define. No, nothing good every came easy, but we retain the right to choose!

Cheers to emerging fires that will grow and change the landscape if only we don’t let them go…Here’s to keeping the wild fires burning with Love & Light!!

~∂awn exton

Daily Horoscope for Pisces

Seek your below-the-surface mojo in communal form where you are willing to be vulnerable with what you don’t know everything…there is risk involved and a willingness to find out, there is a key in the past that helps clarify things now, follow the pattern and be willing to make a break and change things up for what’s to come.

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