Daily Horoscope for Scorpio

... horoscope chart cast for Sunday, July 5th, 2015

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Independence Day Weekend Summary:

“We drove the car to the top of the parking garage, forth of July
sat out on the hood, coupla warm beers and watched the fire works explode in the sky…
there was an exodus of birds from the trees, cuz they didn’t know, we were only pretending, and the people all looked up, and looked pleased, and the birds flew around like the whole world was ending…” –Independence Day lyrics by Ani Difranco

Let freedom ring!

Another day, another dollar…falls??? Hey, even if they took away alllll the paper and we had to go back to bartering and trading, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe we’d get better stuff…. Ah yes, the paper and the stuff, it all usually just creates boundaries between people anyway and the energy we’ve got now is loaded with boundary destructivity….The key factor at play here is that he heart of the matter is more easily clarified… what has been hidden comes to light. This energy can work wonders when applied to the self and adds a gigantic wave of fresh circumstance to relationships of all kinds. Romance is highlighted. What spices this energy up is an active element of fate that is coming to light…. a higher level of self-awareness is inspired- this can lead to some very unusual and original actions…look out world.

A great mix of high powered energy here and it makes it quite interesting to note the way things will likely play out unexpectedly…this can be a great time for dreaming, literally and into the future, making plans with the minds eye, looking forward! ….There is an element of fate working here but it’s not direct, it’s more being illuminated from behind …Intuitive factors are strengthened. There’s a feeling that develops here that is the key, a knowing about what is coming down the line, there’s a tremendous amount of insight that can be gathered right now from simply being still and letting the notions settle in and rise up to make the impression known…

Here’s to a Grand Standing Smashing Weekend!!

~∂awn exton

Daily Horoscope for Scorpio

Seek to clarify your notions of self-definition in areas related to issues of the past that are being repeated or are in need of letting go, this can be a great time for personal adjustments, new goals. Pay close attention to the vibes you are sending, you have more energy going out to others than you may realize…

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