Daily Horoscope for Virgo

... horoscope chart cast for Saturday, August 30th, 2014

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“Oh you know I like to do just like the rest
You know I like my sugar sweet but guarding fumes and making haste
You know it ain’t my cup of meat…
Oh come on without, come on within
You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn” –The Mighty Quinn by Bob Dylan

The song above is about the arrival of “the mighty Quinn” (an Eskimo), who “changes despair into joy and chaos into rest” which wins him the attention of the animals (according to wikipedia, not sure what Bob thinks…). A magical character indeed… but it’s this process of transmutation (taking one thing and turning it into another) which is the key right now. Of course, in the middle of the shift is usually the leaset likely time to notice that you’re caterpillar nature is sprouting wings (it’s more likely we wait to fly then notice- “hey! I got Wings!!! Niiice!”). Wheather or not you notice, there’s a lot to be discovered about this shift and this energy plays out over time- the key is in taking what we’ve got in hand and pushing it forward-

Probably the most beautiful part of this energy is it’s strong connection to the healing energy that will take place…a large part of this is due to a natural process of getting used to the way things are… letting the factors of change sette into us… but there is the potential for a much deeper transition and healing energy to come to light and it’s grounded in the appreciation of noticing how many things could not have happened if we had been in control of every aspect…it’s about noticing and appreciating the creating energy that is unfolding…the “Hey! Wow! How did that happen?” While it may sound like dwelling on factors of the past- it’s more about noticing a trend moving forward…this energy is not random but clearly designed to help us see what’s coming down the line (for many, this will be a “light at the end of the tunnel” sort of thing…just knowing it’s there and believing in it brings forth oceans of potential for change). Pick your head UP & Look Forward!!! Often it’s the case of things at hand (right HERE/NOW) we just don’t notice them (that’s why we can love Chaos for stirring them up for us), or notice them In the Right Way (try the Left way)

The past slips away with traction and emphasis right now almost like an echo but seeming to push us forward ever more quickly in result. Sentimentality singed refreshment, a mixed bag and certinaly emotionally and mentally filled. There is much work for release and transcending to the next (and higher) level simply by letting the energy at work be exposed. Speaking your mind and letting your emotions fill the air are key. A time for big noise, powerful expressions- the cleansing that comes from merely letting it all out! (Where’s a good sound proof box for screaming in when you need one?!! Hahaha.

Along with this certain air of cleansing and release comes a natural desire to celebrate and share in the emotional freedom of expression and this is highlighted clearly by Jupiter and Venus making a connection to Mars. This is really cool energy because it has a drive of it’s own, all it takes is a little momentum and then the feeling of being “swept up” and even carried away takes on a whole new course. Hey- it’s a holiday weekend, and the Last serious tasting of Summer for many so go loose yourself …there’s absolutely only ONE today!!!

Stay tuned for the Weekend Summary!!

~dawn exton

Daily Horoscope for Virgo

This can be a super intense time for you where your personal focus becomes the center of your thoughts, the key here is in how you express yourself and release pent up energy- it’s all about moving forward and putting the people who need to be in the focus (or out of it) in their place. Make choices and move forward now.

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