Daily Horoscope for Virgo

... horoscope chart cast for Friday, August 29th, 2014

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There is a strange but exciting vibe that goes along with today's chart energy... It's the kind that causes each of feel the need/desire to stretch out from our normal life circumstances and discover more of what life has to offer... And perhaps the best part about this energy is that having Neptune & the Node aligned shows that our hopes, dreams and wishes really do have the potential to come true... Cool or what?...

There is a very delicate balance to this chart though... As wild as the deeper spiritual connection this transit bring us, there is still the need to pay very close attention to the details and to remain focused on what we are doing... Dream when you can, but also work when you must.. But try to not to do both at the same time or mistakes can happen!!... hehe...

The core of this chart contains many changes or possibilities... It helps to align/join those of like mind, heart & spirit... It's wild because it has the potentials of Jupiter & Venus aligned... As well as the power & energy needed with Saturn & Mars aligned... This is a transit that is there to get things rolling in our lives... But just a word of caution though... Things are likely to happen much different than we might expect... So be careful not to "judge" or "assume" what the outcomes will be just yet... Surely there'll be a lot of twists & turns in the weeks to come.

Anyway... That's it for right now... Gonna get back to re-programming & updating the website... (it's coming along quite nicely)... Yeah, it's a lot of "work, work. work" but that is what we're supposed to do with the Sun in the sign of Virgo... hehe...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

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ok, the first changes appear today... the daily horoscope pages have been updated... the web-pages will also expand (desktop) or reduce (mobile phones) in size to better fit your browsing device... and check out the new photo... i was getting bored being cooped up in the house in the never ending "land of buff" winter so i started growing a beard... and just like forrest gump runnin' across the country, i just kept it goin'... right now i think i'm goin' for the z.z. top look... hehe... anyway... the other pages will start to change too... and then the new features will be rolled out... Lemme know if you like the new page look... but it's so busy it's not likely that i'll be able to reply... (just so you know i'm not being jerky)... hehe... Anyway... Click Here to Email me your Comments...

Daily Horoscope for Virgo

Today's energy can be a bit strange... First of all, it can get you all fired up inside and ready to take on the day... But then, it's likely that you may not be sure where you can direct this extra energy boost you are getting... It's also when you can look up to the Big Sky with thanks and appreciation for the things you have but at the same time have a list of additional things & elements that you'd really like as well... hehe... You are being awakened the magic that is ready!

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