Daily Horoscope for Virgo

... horoscope chart cast for Saturday, September 20th, 2014

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There’s a lot of elements at play as the Sun wanes in the sky and reels out it’s last few hours of Summer….it’s a glorious time of year! Personally, I think nothing beats a great Indian Summer where the temps reach above expectation but there’s a freshness to the air which cannot be missed…the surest signs of renewal can be felt at times like these- and our current chart agrees!

Some of the strongest elements at play right now are Mars and Mercury… it will be the message that is the key…of course with energy this strong, there will likely be more said than should be….it is the feeling of Knowing that is the driving factor here and it won’t take much for people to open their mouths and let volumes emerge. The key is letting what should (the excess, what doesn’t truly matter) drop to your feet and keeping an ear peeled for the little nuggets of truth and honesty to be clipped from the mass. This also lends a great deal of social excitement to the air and it can be a great time for just getting together to shoot the breeze and flap the gums….this is boosted by a powerful connection between Jupiter and Saturn and a great time for catching up with those who may have slipped through the pages…

The Sun and Chiron and Venus and Uranus are connected on the level right now (declination) and this is a welcome energy for personal enlightenment and healing…add this to the energy above and this can be a great time for bringing people together and moving into New Futures…the most powerful elements right now are likely to be found in the details, what’s so cool is that people will be more readily willing and able to appreciate them so the big picture view lends much to those who aren’t afraid to be their own, stand their own ground, and perhaps most importantly, to expand the soul into new territory which will change the scene just enough to let new light shine in!

I can’t stress enough how much this energy is looking forward…it’s not easy to erase the past or forget it…but simply being able to look forward with a fresh perspective can and does change everything. Something as small as re-arranging your space or changing your appearance right now can work wonders!

More details tomorrow in the Weekend Summary so Stay Tuned In & Thanks for sharing the Love!!

~∂awn exton

Daily Horoscope for Virgo

Your healing potential is likely to be found in your ability to find a deeper connection to those who are closest to you- this can be the simplest of things like sharing time with those you love. There is a lot of active energy related to this area of your life, take action and make the plan, follow through.

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