Daily Horoscope for Virgo

... horoscope chart cast for Friday, March 6th, 2015

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With Mars being connected to both Uranus & Venus today... This can cause you and others to feel rather restless & "feisty" too... There can be a strong element of impatience that goes along with this that can cause many to do & say some goofy things that they may later regret... The big thing is that this transit is there to wake up our true inner wants & desires... It has a way of showcasing the things that are missing in our lives... The things that hold real & true meaning.

Sheeshka... Having one stellium (3 or more planets all located in the same space in the Big Sky) is a pretty wild astrological event... But having 2 of them in effect is downright fantastic... It helps us to see our lives & world in an un-biased & very detached way... It helps us to see where we have made great progress as well as where we may have made terrible choices & blunders... It's the classic "we got what we asked for but it wasn't what we thought it would be" kind of vibe... Transits like this always tend to roll in just before new opportunities make themselves known to us.

Right now, Pluto is in the drivers seat and it's driving the bus towards events that can & will lead us to profound personal transformations... If we try to keep everything "as it's been" we are sure to run into frustrations, obstacles & restrictions... The Pluto energy is committed to bringing us to new levels of understanding and will do whatever is necessary to shake us out of our mental & emotional slumbers... Pluto desires us to live our lives at "full volume"... To live each day as if it was our last so there are no regrets later on & that we don't dog ourselves with the classic "I wish I would have ____"... or "I should have tried _____"... It's all about overcoming the ego & listening at the level of the soul.

Yeah, this is truly great energy... It's not easy by any means... But the promise it holds makes all the aggravations, delays and challenges all worthwhile... It's for that reason well all need to...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

Daily Horoscope for Virgo

Your daily chart has that "hurry up & wait" kind of vibe to it... Where you are just sittin' 'round waiting for others to get things started... But the real deal is that the universe expect YOU to be the one that initiates action... It makes sense... You're the one that can see what needs to be done & how things should be done too... This is very "hands-on" kind of energy... So you are being asked to lead by example... To be the one to inspire & motivate others to get busy!!

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