Daily Horoscope for Virgo

... horoscope chart cast for Sunday, January 25th, 2015

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Weekend Summary:

“Remember how beautifully the wind would howl? It was just as real and stormy and powerful as the love which I have in my heart for you…this war has only made me more positive of three things I want, you, a home and children” –J.S.

The above are words my grandfather wrote to my (would be) grandmother during WWII, and is part of the story of how I got here…fate at work, and a very strong will. A Beautiful soul, which grew only more beautiful from wait, want, and strife. The fate which brought me here is no different than the fate that has taken him, and many others back home under this tremendous and long-lasting T-square energy we have at work right now, and while it may be difficult, it Is the true burgeoning of much greater things to come.

The enhanced element of fate in the chart right now is strongest element active over the weekend. The desire to realize our hopes and wishes right now is very strong, and this in itself is a beautiful thing. The key to making this energy worth all it’s might is in not taking ourselves too seriously and being will to stretch our own boundaries. It’s a tough thing, but our human perspective is only so grand and we miss so much of the overall picture- not because we are inferior, but because we simply cannot even begin to imagine all that has the potential to Be. A time to let our wild imagination run free… just when you start to think “well, I never thought I would ….” Is when you are most likely closest on track with this energy.

You can’t miss the sense of urgency with this energy but a calm and even approach is almost always more beneficial, the key is in using this elevated focus on drive to boost our focus in a certain direction without indulging in the desire to break into a fast run to get there. One step at a time while appreciating the beauty of each step…

This is very personal energy and can be great for boosting the laws of attraction (or visa-versa)…here’s when it becomes imperative focus on the positive vibe, seek communion and the path that resonates with our own frequency. The choice is ours, and many there are…change it up.

Thanks to All for the positive thoughts, Love & Light!!!

~∂awn exton

Here’s a little something from George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Elton John and Phil Collins for you :)

Daily Horoscope for Virgo

The focus of your personal drive and fate oriented discoveries right now will be benefited by a focus on your health and orientation to a higher vibration, only you know what needs to be done, quiet time alone will be of great benefit this weekend.

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