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Daily Horoscope Summary for Aries...

...Horoscope cast for Saturday, April 30th, 2016

“Find your center
And burst forth through its chest” –Random FB post (heeeey, maybe that is what is going on at area 51 And the White House!)

Jeezle McWheezle. If I had to name this time, that’s just what I’d name it.

If you are Not feeling overwhelmed this week then I would take a step back and seriously consider what you are missing…. Most of us though, I know are right on track on the overwhelming train…

Blah blah blah, something something retrogrades. ALL of the retrogrades. With this much energy rockin the backtrack it can be easy to feel off the chart, on the wrong page, or even missing in action. Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Pluto all hit the high ranks in (apparent) backward motion right now and it can be Very easy to become ungrounded (jump out of your body), and difficult to maintain a steady flow …the key with this energy is to take things nice and easy and above all do the best we can to maintain a steady awareness of What we are feeling….this is The essential starting point. It is important to note that none of this retrograde Directly oppositional to any of the others, so it is rather straight forward (pun intended?) information when we hit on the core elements being conveyed…

I like it when things get a little strange and crazy, I love the hints at a time like this that the usual , the status quo, and the Expected can easily be Broken, averted, or simply erased! Smells like freedom…

One of the most important active elements in the chart right now (there are so many) that I would fail you if I didn’t mention is hitting on relationships. (The ever all ruling and unavoidable) There is a drive here that brings up the sentimental and can be a very active element in creating new relationships or strengthening existing ones… What is amazing about this energy is that it crosses Any boundary. This is when the veil of the past becomes so thin that someone you knew 20 years ago could easily come to mind….its also when elements of the future herald back to the present to draw us closer to their manifestation… sounds weird, but it is true. The choices that we make Now matter in an exquisite manor……things as simple as our mannerisms and gestures, our words and thoughts…a key to keep our mental frame headed in the direction we Desire it to go! This is all being fueled by the creative mystery behind the scenes…that which only You know and See (and project)! Yippie Ky Yea!!!

These are exciting times….maybe too exciting for many, but this too will pass.

SO Keep the olives flowing and the love going…or something like that! (wink) PS sorry these are a bit late, its been very challenging for me to work with machines this week!

~dawn exton

The Daily Horoscope for Aries...

The wheels are spinning and turning, this is a very busy time for you where it seems as if everything happens at the same instant…it will be super important for you right now to pay close attention to where you place your time and attention right now, your desires push to the forefront…be open and expressive for its own sake.

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