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Daily Horoscope Summary for Aries...

...Horoscope cast for Saturday, May 28th, 2016

In two days we will find that Mars will be closer to the Earth than it has been in 11 years.... that's over a decade, if you are counting! And If you are under 11 that might as well be Eternity ago.... With Mars being so close to Earth right now, this is when our personal struggles take on a life and dimension of their own, this is when dealing with others can often take on an extra dimension of challenge because they aren't wearing these challenges on their sleeve.... A lot of the strife than can easily build with this energy is wanting to have things happen more quickly than the UNIverse is intending... or having things too locked into our own ideas of how they should be and why... It's times like this that those without a clue or a plan can gain the most because the natural flow can align so easily...

Wish it were simple, but it's not as simple as that might sound. Mars is on the cusp right now of Scorpio and Sagittarius and this can lend an air of indecision into the mix...not only is there the idea of wanting things to be a certain way, but there's the feeling that maybe we don't want them to be that way at all....maybe we want them to be a COMPLETELY different way altogether. There is a Huge key here, I will get more into it in the Weekend Summary.... This is when you can see some radical changes in others and some pretty wild or unusual behaviors...it's the drive to release the tension of being caught up in a cycle, an interjection of control, even if it's on a most basic level like changing one's appearance.....this can easily be the case too as Mars opposes Venus with the Sun not far off...

What can be most difficult right now and present the biggest challenge is who we deal with shifting into new modes... there is an intense and emotionally charged element of renewal at work right now which is pulling in aspects and awareness of the past, this is not for the sake of rehashing what once was, but to get us to fully grasp the where we have been going all along.... the idea here is to get a glimpse of the bigger picture at work...this can be the greatest gift of the now, presented here in the form of realizing that we've already made the shift, and now just have to haul the rest of our arce into the equation and settle down...

I'll get more into this dimensional shift factor in the Weekend Summary so stay tuned over the weekend! Much Love & Light!

~dawn exton

The Daily Horoscope for Aries...

Forward progress is yours, though likely not exactly as you had planned, there is a transitional factor here that you must attend to and which will bring you much closer to your feelings and intuition...be willing to let go that which no longer serves you.

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