Daily Horoscope Summary for Libra...

...Horoscope cast for Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Today's chart's going to hone in on career aspects more than anything else. It's going to begin in the mind though. What do we want? It's a question we come up against over and over again, and it'll come up again. Ultimately people who know what they want do better than people who don't. If you have a goal, you can take steps towards it. If you don't, you can drift along but you aren't really doing much to steer your direction.

The first element of today's chart is Mercury hooking up with Jupiter, which can help us get a better clue of our goals. More often than not it'll come through conversations with others. You want to pay attention in your conversations because you'll say things you don't necessarily have your heart behind, but if you hear yourself say it, you might start to believe it more. The nice thing about the current energy is it'll be easy for you to see where potential lies, and this will help you better define your goals.

At the same time, nothing is going to be given to you. On the bright side, Mars and Saturn connect, and this should help with finding the motivation you need. They'll conflict with Neptune, which might skew what you think you need to do to be successful, so do your due diligence in finding out what's required. But for the most part, you should find it easier to get moving, maintain momentum and carry out the things you need to do to get closer to achieving your goals. Best of luck.


The Daily Horoscope for Libra...

The real key to the day is to put all your energy behind something difficult and find ways to make progress with it. You're going to want to grumble and complain about things that are hard, but if you do this without actually putting in any work, no one's going to want to hear it. Create a story of adversity that you've made it through and reaped the benefits.

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This Month's Void of Course Moon Table
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(adjust to your own time zone)
Aug 24 2016 3:38 pm   to   Aug 24 7:40 pm Gemini
Aug 26 2016 8:30 pm   to   Aug 26 11:06 pm Cancer
Aug 29 2016 2:23 am   to   Aug 29 4:11 am Leo
Aug 31 2016 0:20 am   to   Aug 31 11:22 am Virgo
Sep 2 2016 6:13 pm   to   Sep 2 8:55 pm Libra
Sep 4 2016 8:30 pm   to   Sep 5 8:38 am Scorpio
Sep 7 2016 8:43 pm   to   Sep 7 9:20 pm Sagittarius
Sep 9 2016 8:51 pm   to   Sep 10 8:55 am Capricorn
Sep 12 2016 6:00 am   to   Sep 12 5:29 pm Aquarius
Sep 14 2016 11:31 am   to   Sep 14 10:23 pm Pisces
Sep 16 2016 3:05 pm   to   Sep 17 0:22 am Aries
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Today's Chart's Aspects...
08/23/2016 Tue 1:32am EDT Moon Taurus Conjunct Ceres Taurus
08/23/2016 Tue 6:48am EDT Moon Taurus Oppose Juno Scorpio
08/23/2016 Tue 10:32am EDT Moon Taurus Sextile Neptune Pisces

08/23/2016 Tue 2:16pm EDT Moon Taurus Trine Node Virgo
08/23/2016 Tue 4:27pm EDT Moon Taurus Sextile Vesta Cancer
08/23/2016 Tue 5:40pm EDT Moon Taurus Trine Pluto Capricorn
You have natural psychological ability, in particular when working with the public. You can handle emotional and personal issues (vulnerable areas) where angels fear to tread. People sense this about you and trust you with sensitive matters, inner worries, and questions of personal identity. You have a real mission and a sense of purpose.

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This Month's Ingresses...
08/02/2016 Tue 11:46am EDT Mars enters Sagittarius
08/05/2016 Fri 10:22am EDT Venus enters Virgo
08/20/2016 Sat 4:26pm EDT Pallas enters Aquarius
08/22/2016 Mon 11:25am EDT Sun enters Virgo
08/29/2016 Mon 9:01pm EDT Venus enters Libra
This Month's Stations...
08/13/2016 Sat 3:49am EDT Saturn Sagittarius Direct
08/30/2016 Tue 7:50am EDT Mercury Virgo Retrograde
08/31/2016 Wed 9:44am EDT Ceres Taurus Retrograde

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