Daily Horoscope Summary for Libra...

...Horoscope cast for Friday, July 1st, 2016

I know the charts lately have been a bit dicey, but that is going to happen from time to time as the planet move in and out of strategic positions... Lately, we've had "Saturn" as being "The Star of the Show" but now Jupiter is back in the groove and activating a VERY fortunate alignment with Pluto in Earth Signs... Placements like that can bring about fantastic financial opportunities.

The big thing, to make charts like this work for us, is being able to "zoom-out" and see the big picture without putting any personal attachments onto it... (just seeing things as they happen and what happens as a result - cause & effect)... Like the Jupiter/Pluto connection in Earth... This shows that "simple and practical" methods/products that can bring big results... Little ideas that bring improvements can bring major financial returns... Trackin' with me on this?...

The Saturn energy is more about "trying to get things" while the Jupiter energy right now is more about the Universe bringing things to us... (if that makes sense)... But like I said, sometimes these things/events are so small at first we do not realize the true significance to them until much later... But when they happen, there is always "the feeling" (in the lower belly below the navel) that sorta-kinda let's us know something way-cool is happening.

Anyway... It's the July 4th Holiday weekend... (YAY)... So I am gonna use this time off as a mini-vacation... Big Time Thanks for stoppin' by... I'll talk to you guys later... By the way, if there are things you want to know about the current chart or want me to cover, don't be shy... send an email... I cannot answer them all directly, but I do read them all... Thanks!!

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Daily Horoscope for Libra...

Today's horoscope chart for Libra has the danger within it that occurs when things do not appear to be developing fast enough for you... The natural tendency is to want to do things that can "speed up the process" but doing that can break the magic... Hey, I am a Libra too, but I've learned over the years that in patterns like this we just need to focus on taking care of the things we can & letting the universe put all the other pieces into place... Just got to be patient!

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This Month's Void of Course Moon Table
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Jul 2 2016 11:43 pm   to   Jul 3 9:20 am Cancer
Jul 5 2016 2:29 am   to   Jul 5 12:28 pm Leo
Jul 7 2016 8:06 am   to   Jul 7 6:41 pm Virgo
Jul 9 2016 11:28 pm   to   Jul 10 4:32 am Libra
Jul 12 2016 11:01 am   to   Jul 12 4:52 pm Scorpio
Jul 14 2016 6:22 pm   to   Jul 15 5:14 am Sagittarius
Jul 17 2016 4:57 am   to   Jul 17 3:33 pm Capricorn
Jul 19 2016 6:56 pm   to   Jul 19 11:10 pm Aquarius
Jul 21 2016 9:56 pm   to   Jul 22 4:35 am Pisces
Jul 24 2016 3:06 am   to   Jul 24 8:33 am Aries
Jul 26 2016 2:18 am   to   Jul 26 11:37 am Taurus
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Today's Chart's Aspects...
07/01/2016 Fri 12:01am EDT Moon Taurus Sextile Chiron Pisces
07/01/2016 Fri 1:47pm EDT Venus Cancer Sextile Jupiter Virgo

07/01/2016 Fri 9:17pm EDT Moon Gemini Square Pallas Pisces
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This Month's Ingresses...
07/12/2016 Tue 12:30am EDT Venus enters Leo
07/13/2016 Wed 7:45pm EDT Mercury enters Leo
07/15/2016 Fri 6:40pm EDT Ceres enters Taurus
07/19/2016 Tue 1:02am EDT Vesta enters Cancer
07/22/2016 Fri 4:18am EDT Sun enters Leo
07/30/2016 Sat 1:15pm EDT Mercury enters Virgo
This Month's Stations...
07/29/2016 Fri 11:35am EDT Uranus Aries Retrograde