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Daily Horoscope Summary for Pisces...

...Horoscope cast for Saturday, October 10th, 2015

“Don’t wear deodorant and stash your cologne, if I can’t smell you, I don’t know if I really like you” –Random Life Tip spoken by random person on the street….oh, NYC.

To be Human is to be Absurd. This is obvious. What exactly are we supposed to do with ourselves in a world, this planet, which offers such abundant Material and where the rest of what’s so important remains unseen, must be felt. For one thing, we build little boxes, probably because we have bodies…seems natural, then we build little boxes with wheels…mostly to take us to other boxes. But we do other really cool things too, like make pathways in the gorgeous nature that abounds and allows us to find our way home….again.

It would take no rocket scientist to be impressed by our current chart! A massive grouping of planets all crammed into one house, competing for the very air itself. This energy itself has a very grounding, earthly, and transformative nature…..like a hard line drawn in the sand, once we’ve seen the changes unfold, there’s no going back. Thankfully, for this intense grouping, we’ve arrived at a place of transition where all planets are moving forward and life changing break throughs arrive on the scene. It’s tough to nail down the details in a general sense, this is energy you need to be aware of what transits specifically affect your own chart- so if you don’t have it yet- Now is No better time!! With all this, the real challenge becomes one of letting go, clearing the way for what’s ahead. I’ve been saying this a lot lately but that is because it is so Very Key. In order not to be weighed down we must clear the path. It takes a lot of balls to cut the cord, but we’ve been here before… (Hey doc, here I am, I was just born, but I seem to be attached still, can you help me deal with that? Snip Snip! Hehehe).

We can welcome a bit of the eye’s being pried wide open with this chart energy today as our interactions with others come into specific play….this is when dejavu and a sense that events unfolding have a special and fixed place and time to them….often working to allow us to see things from a new perspective. This is when what is right before us can easily transform into something new! It’s not what you got, but what you do with it that counts most!

Cheers, Love & Light…Stay tuned for the Weekend Summary tomorrow! The weekend is sure to be a Wild Ride!

~∂awn exton

The Daily Horoscope for Pisces...

You’ll find forward movement and a sense of clearing the path ahead where you are able to take a more playful and random approach, this is as much about doing what you don’t usually do as anything, breaking the ties and getting out of the status quo zone. Your relationships with others speak volumes, seek a compatible vibe.

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