Daily Horoscope Summary for Scorpio...

...Horoscope cast for Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Conflicting chart energy...That's what we have going on in our current chart at the moment... Most astrologers look at this with "fear and trepidation"... But that is because it can mean our daily routines are interrupted by changes and actions that we might have sensed would happened but did our best not to believe it or to pretend otherwise... It's been that way throughout all time and history.

But then again, being a bit of a spaz-matic, I tend to see things a bit differently... To me, it's simple... The main reason this energy happens in the first place is to take each of us out of our comfort-zones so we can reach deep within ourselves and find talents and abilities we may never knew we even had... Or creating situations where we need to confront those chains and restrictions that may be holding us back from reaching our fullest potentials.

Challenging aspects can be a royal pain in the ass because they cause us to get up off our butts and force each of us to find answers and solutions that really work... But once we do get up and get busy we tend to find that the answers are a hell of a lot easier than we might have thought... That most of the time it was our own resistance to change that put us in those "no progress" situations in the first place.

Yeah, these planet positions can put us into the exact situations that lead us to our hopes dreams and wishes... They can lead us into places & situations where we have to actually "keep the faith" and trust in ourselves and the Big Spirit to see us through... However, we do always have the "free-choice" and resist and try to keep things exactly as they have been too.

Don't get me wrong... I'm not suggesting elements of "doom & gloom" are in effect... (they are not)... But for those that do choose to reach beyond their current circumstances, this is the exact energy needed to guide us closer to those "better days and higher love".

That is what gets me excited about this chart... It's not easy, but then again, aren't our own personal victories always a little sweeter afterwards... Thanks for stoppin' by... I'll talk to you guys tomorrow... I'm gonna get busy, there are many things to do... hehe...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Daily Horoscope for Scorpio...

The Scorpio horoscope today deals with the need to be more adaptable to changing situations... With Uranus in the 6th House and very close to the cusp of the 7th, that can put a lot of strain onto your personal/intimate relationships with others... It can cause harmless disagreements to turn into major conflicts if you're not sharp and aware of this energy... This energy is a strong reminder that "people matter more" and the need to be considerate, compassionate and more aware!!

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This Month's Void of Course Moon Table
All times are showin in EST/EDT...
(adjust to your own time zone)
Jul 28 2016 11:13 am   to   Jul 28 2:17 pm Gemini
Jul 30 2016 7:46 am   to   Jul 30 5:09 pm Cancer
Aug 1 2016 8:44 pm   to   Aug 1 9:12 pm Leo
Aug 4 2016 0:13 am   to   Aug 4 3:34 am Virgo
Aug 5 2016 11:20 pm   to   Aug 6 12:57 pm Libra
Aug 8 2016 1:41 pm   to   Aug 9 0:51 am Scorpio
Aug 11 2016 1:22 am   to   Aug 11 1:24 pm Sagittarius
Aug 13 2016 1:37 pm   to   Aug 14 0:11 am Capricorn
Aug 15 2016 10:45 pm   to   Aug 16 7:52 am Aquarius
Aug 18 2016 5:26 am   to   Aug 18 12:34 pm Pisces
Aug 20 2016 8:21 am   to   Aug 20 3:18 pm Aries
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Today's Chart's Aspects...
07/28/2016 Thu 5:46am EDT Moon Taurus Sextile Chiron Pisces
07/28/2016 Thu 7:21am EDT Moon Taurus Square Mercury Leo

07/28/2016 Thu 10:18am EDT Moon Taurus Oppose Mars Scorpio
You may not get a lot of support for the way you come on -- your basic energy and drive. You tend to go against the crowd and somehow always manage to create reverberation in those around you. Some may even find you overbearing, for your intensity runs counter to whatever is traditional or established. This fact could involve you in a lot of arguments over the years. You are not the least bit sentimental, and even tend to ignore sentiment in others.

07/28/2016 Thu 10:24pm EDT Moon Gemini Square Pallas Pisces
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This Month's Ingresses...
07/12/2016 Tue 12:30am EDT Venus enters Leo
07/13/2016 Wed 7:45pm EDT Mercury enters Leo
07/15/2016 Fri 6:40pm EDT Ceres enters Taurus
07/19/2016 Tue 1:02am EDT Vesta enters Cancer
07/22/2016 Fri 4:18am EDT Sun enters Leo
07/30/2016 Sat 1:15pm EDT Mercury enters Virgo
This Month's Stations...
07/29/2016 Fri 11:35am EDT Uranus Aries Retrograde

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