Daily Horoscope Summary for Gemini...

...Horoscope cast for Saturday, November 2nd, 2013


“Dream is destiny” –From the film Waking Life

Enigmas, Mysteries, the Unexplained….take a wild guess and it wouldn’t be that hard to figure out that Uranus, Neptune & even Mercury are all retrograde right now…for those desiring an even keel and a boring “business as usual” mentality are going to be sorely disappointed right now.

However, (and these days its getting harder and harder to avoid) if you like a bit of the spice of life, the unexpected, and an unusual turn out on a mere whim- this energy is for you! Make no mistake, the news and mass media will be on top of this energy, as usual, making a sensation out of whatever little, or big, things gets leaked, sidetracked, or presented with fan fare! Ahhhh, if only the external world wasn’t so often a classic reflection of our own inner state. Now is definitely a time to prepare for the unexpected.

The early part of the day is definitely going to be a reflection of the aroused state, this is easily able to give rise to a creative and more interesting outlook- the new and non-standard perspective will be easy to find.

The super cool part of this energy, if you ask me, is the open possibility for what is not usually possible! This erratic frame opens up doors to allowing more circumstances to shine through…of course, this is only possible if each and every one of us is willing to expand our current frame of mind and step outside of the standard flow of things! Now is definitely a time to break out of the routine!

I’ll get more into the details of this in the weekend summary so stay tuned!

Thanks for all the well wishes, my battle with strep knocked me out but it’s winding down now and my “time out” has allowed for a whole new fresh perspective to emerge- I only hope you had a run in with a similar event, only were smart enough to wind down yourself before the universe had to step in and do it for you—hey! It’s not too late!

~dawn exton @gmail.com

The Daily Horoscope for Gemini...

This is a time when you will be of high influence to others- you simply are shining brightly and others want to be in your presence. Let your actions and most importantly how you look and feel to be the driving force right now- your mind is sharp so make your Own decisions. Avoid overindulgence at this time.

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