Daily Horoscope Summary for Taurus...

...Horoscope cast for Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Hey Moondoggies...
So today we have the 2nd SuperMoon of January that takes place in the sign of Aquarius... (you can see the chart below)... Now to really set the mood, I should start by playing the spooky music and talk about this being called "The Black Moon"... hehe.... And all kinds of other scary or treacherous sounding names... Because this doesn't happen very often, there is an air of "magic & mystery" that goes along with it... Personally though, I tend to just go with what the actual chart is saying.

I'm not going to 'shit ya's... This energy can be rather rough at times... If you scroll down and take a look at the chart... You'll see the triangle T-Square... Jupiter at the top being opposed to Pluto & Venus... Both of these planets are connecting to Uranus... Not only that, but you will also notice how the other planets are "pairing up"... The green spot is Mars & the North Node... and the pink spot is Mercury & Neptune... Obviously, the yellow dot is the Sun & Moon aligned for the New Moon...

So what does it mean?...
Jupiter is a planet of "Judgment"... It's energy is considered to be very beneficial, but it also hold us to the highest of personal morals, ethics & integrity... It's like a very supportive parent that is willing to allow it's children to stretch out and take chances as long as they're true to their inner core beliefs & truths... It's for that reason, Jupiter is always seen as being easy going... But when the "children" cross the line, it steps in and takes bold decisive action.

Now that Venus is about to go into direct motion... There will likely be a lot of activity in the world's financial markets... It's the "judgment" of Jupiter being applied to the wealth & abundance of Venus... Add in the fact that Venus is connected to Pluto, this energy tends to want to "tear things down & start all over again"... That same vibe is echoed by all of these planets being connected to Uranus which thrives on conflict & chaos... (is your head spinning yet?)... hehehe...

Some can see this as signs of "doom & gloom"... But is is really more of a warning... Both globally and personally to make sure we are not allowing the ambitions, wants & desires of Pluto to corrupt our beliefs or to take on an "the end justifies the means" kind of mentality... It's there to remind us that even though Jupiter is very understanding and flexible, it is not going to tolerate or accept our "reasons & excuses" if we should "cross the line"... That part is especially true considering that Jupiter is retrograde and is under a lot of pressure... (like having a headache and a ton of kids running wild around the house acting wacky as my dad used to say)... hehe...

I'm certainly not here to tell you what to do... Just telling you what the chart says so you can make your own best choices... But personally, I believe this would be a damn good time to buy gold & silver... The markets are wacky... They keep going up, because all countries keep pumping fake money into the economies to make it look like things are rolling & getting better, but then the reality appears, and shows that there are a lot of people out of work... They talk about raising minimum wages, but people really need jobs that pay enough to grow & thrive... (just my opinion)... So do you trust the illusion of Neptune & Mercury... Or do you get "angry" with the energy of Mars & the Node... Or do you choose to rise above all the madness of it and focus on what you can personally do to improve your own life and those you love & care about?

Yeah, this New Moon chart is more about asking yourself questions than in giving us answers... That's it for right now... I'll talk to ya's tomorrow...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Daily Horoscope for Taurus...

Today's vibe has that "hurry up & wait" feel to it... Where you are ready to get out there and take on the world... To find & experience new life adventures... But the more revved up inside you get, the less there seems to do... (or something like that)... This is the universe trying to get you fired up so that when Venus goes direct on Friday, you will be ready & able to take action... You'll find important news is on the way to you... The kind that has a way of clearing up many mysteries or questions. An important time!

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07/24/2016 Sun 12:01am EDT Moon Pisces Conjunct Chiron Pisces
07/24/2016 Sun 2:07am EDT Moon Pisces Trine Mars Scorpio
You find it easy to work with other people and tend to pour a lot of energy into those around you. Your home and surroundings reflect this. When it comes to teaching or coaching younger people, you are a natural, always able to motivate and inspire others. With your powerful spirit, you enjoy your strong emotions and have an active social life as well.

07/24/2016 Sun 11:16am EDT Sun Leo Trine Moon Aries
You are very fortunate in being able to grow and progress throughout your life without major difficulties. You can always find the resources you require at hand plus the necessary instruction in how to use them. An inner vision, coupled with the ability to see the "Big" picture, often finds you working as a go-between with others. You could even have a special gift for spanning the generation gap, bringing older and younger spirits together. A love of animals, children, older people, and the needy and downtrodden in general, is a lifelong trait.

07/24/2016 Sun 11:24am EDT Moon Aries Square Vesta Cancer
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07/12/2016 Tue 12:30am EDT Venus enters Leo
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07/22/2016 Fri 4:18am EDT Sun enters Leo
07/30/2016 Sat 1:15pm EDT Mercury enters Virgo
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07/29/2016 Fri 11:35am EDT Uranus Aries Retrograde

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